Wednesday, August 25, 2010

About Face

Have you ever been so sure of the direction you were headed...only to suddenly take a turn and go an entirely different way....even when you were soooooo sure?

That is where I am right now.....I made the turn and now I am sure again....only the destination is different.

A while back I decided to stop creating and selling many of the things I had been selling in Four Dog Day. I let things expire, packed them up and put them away. I had some new ideas I planned to try.

Then something happened. Irv and I decided to open Four Dog Vintage. That is where the "about face" came in. Every spare moment I have right now I am spending on listing items for Four Dog Vintage. Poor Four Dog Day was already looking so sad and now it was just plain pathetic. is what has happened. We are really excited about Four Dog Vintage. We are really starting to like the look and feel of the shop as little by little we are finding pieces to offer. In fact, this weekend we are headed to a huge flea market in the hopes of finding some awesome treasures for the shop.

What happened to the time I was going to have for Four Dog Day? Uh.....gone.

That's when I decided to haul out the boxes of things I wasn't going to sell any more. I have been relisting like crazy and Four Dog Day is once again looking like the shop it once was. I have a long way to go with quite a few things to list, plus some things that need to be rephotographed and then relisted, but you know what....I'm having a ball doing it.

I think I felt bad having things sitting here that should be in my shop. It just didn't feel right. It's funny too because I listed some of my coasters yesterday and immediately sold a set. They'll be headed to New York tomorrow.

Now things feel just right. Four Dog Day is looking pretty and Four Dog Vintage is growing little by little. Irv and I are having fun stopping at sales and researching items on line and in our super duper garage sale and flea market book.

Have you ever been heading one direction and thought it was right and then did a big turn and felt that was right too? What happened?

I still don't have much time for blogging, but I'll be back now and then to say hello. Make it the best day ever tomorrow, and do something really nice for yourself AND for someone else!


Angela said...

I have been meaning to ask you- are you going to the flea market in Rosemont? If so, Aubrey and I could never figure out how to get off the freeway and to the sale- I don't think I ever told you that! Remember when we left IKEA and said we were going to the flea market? Well we just drove around it about 4 times and gave up and went into the city instead.

I know how you feel about an about face. That is the same way I felt when I decided to open my vintage shop. It was right after Christmas when it hit me- but I MADE myself think long and hard about it first. I didn't mention it on my blog or anything until I had my mind totally made up.

The day I purchased my first items was the day I told Aubrey. I remember him looking at me with a skeptical look... (I don't blame him though after my attempt at the dog bakery - to which Sparky and Wrigley were my only customers- lol) Plus, I have had many "big ideas" over the years.

With this though, it just feels right. It finally has a little to do with my education (a wee little) and I feel like I am being rewarded for following the right path for the first time in my life. Things are just falling into place for once.

As far as your new shop, Etsy has gone haywire and I would imagine this would be a very hard time to open a new shop- I hope they get the kinks worked out soon.

Lanyardlady said...

If it feels good, do it. Wishing you success with both your shops. As we change, our dreams change with us.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

So often I head off in new directions only to find myself returning to old roads with a new vision. It's become part of who I am...or, it's who I am just beginning realize I've always been. See, more indecision! It's okay though, because in these twists and turns there is so much growth and potential.Interestingly enough I made a cameo appearance on Etsy today, I stand by my decision to leave, more firmly now, so that was a good about face lesson for me!

Best of luck to you and Irv, I'm still an Etsy shopper-so I'll see you around!

Bluebell said...

Good Luck with both your shops, I am sure they will both be successful. I am a ditherer I think one thing one day and something else the next but when I am sure I go for it.
Love Jillxx

gayle said...

Sounds like you are headed in the right direction!! Good luck on both of your shops!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How exciting for you! I often look back over what I "lose" when I gain new activities/ventures/relationships. Funny how life runs that course. But brava for going with what feels right to you!

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