Saturday, September 11, 2010

Congratulations Matt and Rebecca

Well Imogene is over for this year. Matt and Rebecca did an awesome job conquering the mountain. Rebecca ran almost the same time as she did last year. I don't know her place yet. Matt just missed his 3 hour goal, but he beat last year's time by 20 minutes. He came in 62 place. 1500 runners registered, but we don't know yet how many actually ran. Matt ran it this year in 3:02:45.

I just cannot understand how anyone could even do that. To run up a mountain and gain about 5000 feet in elevation is beyond anything I can comprehend. Yet the race filled up so fast this year with runners from all over. I admire each and every one of them for their commitment and dedication to the sport.

When you go to the website, it already has a clock ticking down the minutes until the 2011 race. I'll bet there aren't too many runners this evening that care how many days, hours or minutes until next year's race!

Matt took one fall and has some holes in his hands and one knee, but he's fine. He said you wouldn't believe how many people cross the finish line bloody. Brutal.

Well, now he can take a very short break and then continue his training. He'll be running in his first marathon on October 10 in Chicago. I am so excited that we will be there to cheer him on...if we can find him among the zillion runners!

Congats Matt and Rebecca. I'm so proud of you!


Lanyardlady said...

Congrats to the runners. It must be great to know you conquered a mountain.

considerthelillies said...

I also can't imagine how people do marathons and especially in mountainous areas! More power to them!

Silke said...

Oh my, I cannot even imagine doing this. Even just reading about it makes me want to take a nap from exhaustion. Good for them! Congrats!!! Hugs, Silke

Oklahoma Granny said...

What an accomplishment for all the runners. Congrats to Matt and Rebecca!

I'm wondering if they make some kind of GPS gizmo thingy for runners of marathons. One so friends and family can track the runner's progress. If there's not one out there, someone should invent one.

aliceinparis said...

Fantastic accomplishment! Congrats to them both!

Matty said...

Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to them.

gayle said...

Congrat to both of them!! All should be very proud!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Congratulations! What a thing to do--AGAIN!

Haddock said...

Read the previous post too.
It is one thing to run a marathon and it is something very different when it comes to running up a slope.
Congrats to Matt and Rebecca.

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