Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nope Part 2

My lack of posting isn't because baby boy's because I am busy making and listing things for my etsy shops FourDogDay and FourDogVintage. I remembered a little while ago my goal and my vision for the future, and it means I have to work on my shops.

Baby boy is taking his time, although the very wise and educated doctors have been saying "soon" for quite some time. Baby boy has a different definition of soon! :)

Tresa is doing well as a very, very expectant mom can be doing. She is still working, but yesterday decided to work from home. Depending on how last night went and whether she got any sleep, she may be doing the same today.

So we are still anxiously awaiting the little man's arrival....looking forward to introducing ourselves, touching those soft little cheeks and smelling that beautiful baby smell.

Announcement will be coming soon. Hope all is well with you!


Lanyardlady said...

I'm checking your blog every few hours to see if there's an update! Surely the little guy wants to be a Sept. 22 baby!

Oklahoma Granny said...

And they say girls are the ones who take their time. LOL

Joyce said...

I have been out of the loop in blog world and this is wonderful news to read!! Is this the first grandchild?
I rememeber when my first nephew was born. I was working at O'hare and raced home to Wisconsin to meet him and got a ticket on the way! Enjoy! xo

Pat said...

You'd better get all your work done before that baby is born because afterwards you're only going to want to hold him, rock him and kiss him on the head.

Angela said...

He is going to be a very precise little one! Maybe he is holding out to be born on your birthday! Shhh...don't tell Tresa I said that ;) But, it could happen.

Bluebell said...

Hi Kathy,
I am back from our Hols and the first thing I did was check to see if that lovely baby had arrived,I can tell you are feeling the strain it must be very hard because you know that Tresa has to do it and you can't do it for her, I will be just the same when I am lucky enough to have a grandchild.
Take care.
Love Jillx

Joanna Jenkins said...

Tick, tick, tick. I bet you jump every time the phone rings. Hope your little guy arrives soon.
xo jj

Blogger said...

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