Monday, November 17, 2008

The Evolution of Hair

Two of my three kids were over this weekend and we pulled out the old photos. There were of course the "Oooooo's" and "Ahhhhhh's" and "Oh looks" and "I remembers", but there was also a whole lot of laughing going on. What got us started was nothing other than hair styles...not just the girl's, but the guy's as well. Pictures were flying across the room as we shared some of the best with one another. The best? The best as in the worst! The best as in the most hysterical! I'm happy to say though....we all did our share of laughing at and being laughed at as we traveled through the years.

What we kept on asking was,"Are you kidding me?" or "What was I thinking?" or from my kids I got, "Why did you make me wear my hair like that?" or "Why did you LET me wear my hair like that?" I thought I would share some of the "best of the worst" with you today. There are so many priceless photos, it's going to be hard to decide which ones to share, but here goes!

On the left would be the late 50's. Can you say spoolies??

On the right we have the sausage look. I believe that was created with those little plastic snap together 2 piece curlers if I'm not mistaken! That would be circa 1965.

Here we are in 1971 on the
left, when very "tall" hair was the "big" pun intended.

Look at those sideburns and the hair hanging in the eyes for him....and for her the "shag". That was natural curl. Love the white eye shadow too. I believe that was 1972.

Another "shag" just not curly this time. This one was in 1974 though. I guess that style hung around for a little bit, unless we were just outdated!

On the right is about 1978. We called those "fun buns". It was the only way I could get her to sit still long enough for me to get her long hair up and out of the way!

I think this must have been the lumberjack look in 1980!

The one on the right brought one of those, "What was I thinking?"comments from me! Ouch! Although the kids decided that I look younger now than I did then and that was in about 1983! Man did I look old and tired! I blame it on the kids.

Then came the "spiked" hair cuts in the mid-80s that the boys just loved. It definitely was not one of my favorite looks, but I was one of those moms that didn't get rattled over hair. How they wore there hair didn't really matter to me....and believe me....they came up with some good ones!
Like this one! I guess they couldn't decide between short or long so they did both! This was the late 80's I believe.

I am guessing that this one on the left was in the late 80's or early 90s....that would have been high school and the days of really, really BIG hair!
This is the one that had her brother and her fiance trying very hard to control themselves.

Then came the partially shaved it wasn't so bad when the top was short like the one on the right, but then when it got long......
it got pulled up in a ponytail like the one on the left! Wow, was I a brave mom back then!!

With Junior High came the hair parted in the middle for him and some really bold hair styles for her as she enjoyed her new found freedom in college!

Prom 1996...I remember how long it took him to get his hair to look like that. He worked on it forever....and they talk about women!

The high school soccer team decide to all bleach their hair...on their own! Well, his turned a lovely shade of grey and we had to go to get it repaired at the local beauty salon. I must say that I did like the look!

Ah.....long hair. I love it! I really do. His wife saw this one and it was one of her favorites too. This is what he looked like in college, playing soccer, when they met! I was looking for a picture from his freshman year of college soccer when the upperclassmen shaved the heads of all of the freshman players but I couldn't find one! Now THAT was not a pretty look.

Well, this is where the evolution of hair ends. My daughter has gone back and forth from long to short and back, in fact so has my youngest son. In fact, he had dreadlocks for a while! My older son keeps his hair real short and has for quite some time.
Me....I wore mine short for years and then let it grow long for a while. Now it keeps getting shorter and shorter as I get older and older!
We had the best time looking at the pictures and laughing over some of the hair styles we had....the hair styles were funny enough, but even funnier was the fact that we all thought we looked pretty darn good at the time!


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Mary said...

Thanks for a great post. The comment above it spam by the way....what a bummer!

Anyway, I totally enjoyed this. You and your kids are brave to share all this so publicly but I suspect there are many such stories out there!

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