Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun and Fancy Serving Plates

I can't take credit for this idea, because I actually saw it in a magazine earlier this year and fell in love with it. I set the magazine aside, meaning to make one...one of these days. The magazine and the idea was long forgotten when my daughter-in-law, Bernadette came over one day and gave me one her mom had made...and I was in love with them all over gain!

I would like to introduce you to my Fun and Fancy Serving Plates! I make my serving plates from old and new plates that are attached securely to a candle stick or base of some type. I think they are so cute and make great conversation pieces!

I think these are such fun pieces and very versatile as well. I would like to eventually be able to find enough old supplies that I can make all of them from recycled materials. My personal supply of older plates that I was willing to part with was limited, so some of the ones I have made are done from new plates and candlesticks.

I keep scouring the thrift stores and have found some cute pieces to work with. Some of the older ones have so much character. I look at their worn spots and little bumps and bruises and I see a piece that was well used and "loved".

It's wonderful to take those old plates and make them into something new for someone else to hopefully use for many years to come. The larger serving plates can be used for cakes or even cheese and crackers or dessert bars or cookies. The smaller ones can be used for candy or even next to the sink to hold soap, a sponge or your rings and watch.

The is my absolute favorite. The plate is new, but I found the martini glass at the thrift store. I wish there had been more of them, but unfortunately there was only one.

Thanks for looking at these great pieces. I do have a few more in my shop. Feel free to stop by to take a look at http://www.fourdogday.etsy.com/.


Angela said...

These are cute and really a great idea!

Lanyardlady said...

this is beautiful and such a clever idea! i bet you will sell a lot of these!

Meekiyu said...

they are a great idea! I love the ones that use unusual candlestick holders like the curved yellow tinged one... great little plates to hold snacks at a party! =D

Mary said...

i love these!

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