Sunday, November 16, 2008

Money, Money, Money

Okay, so let's be many of you have ever thought about what you would do if you had a money tree growing in your back yard, or if some long lost relative you didn't know existed left you a boatload of money in their will, or you won the lottery? Sorry about the money tree line...I am on a week of reminiscing for some reason and I remember when I was a kid and I would ask my parents for money, they would ask me if I thought we had a money tree growing in the back yard!

I am one of those people that feels "rich", but not in the money sense. Money is something I have never had much of, but I have never felt "poor". I have way too much in my life to ever feel "poor". In fact, I am rich in many, many ways, but this post is about the money kind of "rich".

Anyway, I will confess....I have thought about this many, many times. Mine is always related to winning the lottery because I don't have that money tree and even if I did have a long lost relative, most likely they wouldn't be rich and most likely they wouldn't be leaving anything to me. So, the lottery it is.

We do buy lottery tickets. I'm not even sure what my husband spends per week on them, but I know it is only a few bucks. I do wish we had never ever started buying tickets though.....I know, you are probably saying...well, quit buying them then! It isn't quite that easy. You see, when we started buying them way back when, we picked our own numbers. I picked 3-12-19-22 27 and 35 and my husband picked 4-10-11-15-16 and 30.

Well, let me just say....that once you pick your own personal numbers, you are locked in for life!! How can you NOT play them when every week they broadcast those numbers on the radio and tv and the newspaper prints them. How might I feel if I quit playing and there before me one week were my numbers? My precious personal lotto numbers.....and I didn't have a ticket???

Nope, can't do it. Like I said we are locked in for life. Every week we will continue to donate to the Illinois State Lottery. The only good thing is...we are helping to make other people's wishes come true, and that is what this is about.

If I won the lottery or had unlimited funds, I would........

of course I would do the normal things like pay off my debt, quit my job, and dance for joy, but then it gets more personal.

For me, I would immediately send some money to a couple of people that helped us out many, many years ago when we were struggling financially and I would pay off all three of my kid's student loans (and they all have whoppers). Then if I decided to move rather than fix up my little house, I would find a wonderful hardworking family that can't afford to own a home...and give them mine. Man, that would feel so amazingly good to do that. From there I would have to find a new house for me....a very small log home out in Loveland, Colorado would do nicely....and then I would start researching different charities to figure out where I would like to help out. In my new found spare time, I would love to volunteer in a school like I did for so many years when my kids were young. That was so much fun!

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you "struck it rich"?

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Mary said...

Another great post. I decided a long time ago that having more money wouldn't change anything in my life except on the outside. Once I read about how lottery winners are inundated with begging letters and phone calls and though I had never bought a lottery ticket that made me even more certain I didn't want to win. That would upset and depress me. No matter how much I would give away there would be more wanters and beggars than money....yuck!

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