Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Sure Cure For A Nasty Headache

Before I fell asleep last night I got a nasty headache. Not only that, my upper back was hurting really bad. I lay there trying to get comfortable, and started thinking about what I might have done for the back ache. Then I remembered that I did some arm exercises earlier in the evening. The headache could have been from my first day doing pilates again. I felt better knowing why I was hurting, but it didn't make sleep any easier.

I woke up a couple of times during the night with my head still hurting, and woke up at 4:30 a.m. with the headache still there. Hmmmmmm....hate starting out the day like that, but I got myself ready and headed to work.

About an hour after I got to work, I headed to the kitchen to warm up my tea that had already gotten cold. When I walked in I smelled this wonderful Man did it smell good. I looked at the table and there they were...a plate of assorted Girl Scout cookies that someone had put out. I immediately spotted the little gems that were giving off the lovely aroma....thin mints! I could eat a whole box of those little guys in one sitting.

Unfortunately for me, I am on a special food sensitivity diet and flour and sugar are a no-no. I have not been perfect on the diet, I am still drinking my Starbucks chai lattes a couple of days a week, but to eat a thin mint would be a sin.

Then I remembered something from my 5 years of working in the natural health is great for head aches. My boss use to have a little roll on bottle of peppermint oil, and when she had a headache, she would rub it on her temples and her headache would go away. She swore by it.

With my head still pounding, I picked up one of the precious little chocolate gems....NO I did NOT rub the thin mint on my temples!!! I grabbed a napkin and held the little thin mint in it and then I breathed in the yummy scent. Over and over. I walked back to my office, napkin wrapped cookie in hand, sat at my desk and sniffed some more.

I left the little cookie sitting on the napkin next to me on my desk and started to work. Every once in a while I would pick the little guy up and take a whiff.

Well, about 20 minutes later, I suddenly realized that my headache was GONE! I mean it, it really was.

So, was it the magical little thin mint, or had my headache just run it's course? We may never know, but when the Girl Scouts come around next year selling cookies you can be sure I will be buying a few boxes of the thin mints.....for medicinal purposes only of course!

(And no, I never ate the cookie. It is wrapped up in the napkin, still sitting on my desk...just in case I have a headache tomorrow!)


Jonara Blu Maui said...

wow! you are strong you didn't even eat it! It very well could be though.t.hat your headaches are coming from your food sensitivities..esp if you are not staying away from the sugar.

Thats what my son is dealing w/ they really suck big time! I wish we could narrow it down though. How did you narrow yours down?

Thank you by the way for the wondeful compliment in your comment on my blog. Congrats on your daughter getting married!

Mary said...

that's the best excuse for having a thin mint at my desk i've ever heard! LOL!!! glad your headache went away. they are sure no fun!

Lanyardlady said...

Does this mean that peanut butter patties will improve my hearing?? i sure hope so! great post, kathy!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

So, if I eat them will it go away faster, like intravenous meds?

Catherine said...

Wonderful! Mint tea helps my headaches. Love your blog!

NewLifeDesigns said...

LOL!!! I can't imagine having that cookie so close to my mouth for that long & not taking a big bite! Love your self restraint! Sorry you felt bad, though! Pam

Kala Pohl Studio said...

What restraint:):) But I am believer of mint and various other remedies - after all my heritage is from India:) So glad the headache went away, it is no fun.

aliceinparis said...

How interesting. Mint. I must try that, I get sinus headaches and migraines occasionally. Will give it a try.
Yay you staying away from such powerful temptation! You must write a bit later and tell us how your "diet" is going and how you are feeling.It will help me on my journey of healthful eating.
Cheers, Shelagh

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