Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Throwing My T.V. in the Garbage

Not really...if I did that, my son would be very upset with me. We are t.v. sitting for him right now until he gets his house. So, I have this gigantic t.v. in my little living room right now. I will say that it is much easier on the old eyes, but.....

Over the course of this past year, I have found myself watching less and less t.v. It's almost to the point where I think I could be one of those people that doesn't have a t.v. at all...and I can't believe I am saying that!

Do you watch much t.v.? What is your favorite show?

I do flip on the weather channel occasionally to see what kind of storms...snow or tornado are headed our way. I will also confess that I am one of those silly people that love American Idol. I know, I's a ridiculous show, but I love the laughs at the beginning of the season and I do get attached to some of the performers by the final weeks. I have always loved music and I enjoy the talent.

The other show I really like is the Amazing Race. I don't enjoy the bickering and the nastiness that always seems to rear it's ugly head, but I do love to see the countries they travel to. If I had the travel channel, I could enjoy that part of it without all of the silliness.

I talked before about my immense dislike of violent movies...well I feel the same way about t.v. shows. I just can't watch them. I don't find murder and torture entertaining. In fact, it really bothers me. I know it isn't real, but much of what you see on t.v. really happens on a daily basis, and that's what bothers me. It is kind of real.

Medical shows have taken over the airwaves too, and I really don't want to watch one sick person after another paraded across the screen. I know there are horrible diseases out there. I don't need to be reminded of that every night. I use to watch Grey's Anatomy, but every character has become dysfunctional in some way or another and I got bored with it all.

I was a fan of "24", but each season it gets more and more violent. I'll try watching it this season, but I have a feeling I might be done with that show too.

Yep, I am a real barrel of laughs aren't I? Perhaps you can recommend some good quality shows for me. I don't have digital cable though, so I am a bit limited as to what I can watch.

So, what do I do instead of watching t.v...I make things, I blog, I read, I do Sudoku puzzles, I try to do logic puzzles, I plan, I journal, I text with my kids and I e-mail friends and family. I do things that make me happy.

I don't begrudge anyone their hours in front of the t.v. My husband watches t.v. every evening. He is a huge fan of House and the Law and Order shows...oh, and Criminal Minds. If t.v. makes other people happy, then that's great for them. I guess it's all in what you call entertainment and what you choose to do with your time.

Now, when baseball season starts, you will find me in front of the t.v. any time the Cubs are playing....and believe me....that can be torture!


Lanyardlady said...

I so agree with you about the sad state of television content. I watch the Food Network because I love food, and it's about the only place you can be confident you won't see or hear violent, nasty things. I like Project Runway and Top Chef and admit I am addicted to Dancing With the Stars. It makes me smile.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

We did throw our television in the garbage for 4 years! Then I went back to work and the husband needed some adult "interaction" during his 5 year stint at home with child number two.

I'm home again these days and spend most of my time toggling between Discovery Health and National Geographic. BUT, I am a HUGE American Idol fan and will be all about it come 1/13. Check out my blog post today. Next week (Sunday) we're having a pseudo competition. A virtual audition outfit and song (Youtube is fine).

aliceinparis said...

I don't watch much TV either. I do LOVE the Amazing Race! I look forward to it each season it is on:)
I enjoy travel shows in general, Pilot Guides is another.
I have the TV on when I am painting in the morning, for company and tend to watch NBC.Sometimes I listen to CBC radio which is like PBS radio?
Have a great week!
Cheers, Shelagh

Pat said...

I didn't think that I watched much TV either until I started to think about it! I love American Idol too and I watch Good Morning America to get the weather and news, and then maybe a late night talk show -- I like Craig Ferguson, as he makes me laugh but he's on so late here that I don't often stay awake to see him. Sometimes we watch "Jeopady" because it makes us us use some brain power to try to answer the questions and every now and then I'll watch a movie that I wanted to see but missed in the movies.
I also like to catch a show on the Food Network or HGTV now and then.

So I guess I do watch enough TV to keep mine ;-) I do love my computer a lot more!

TheClackHouse said...

haha! Great post! Thats so funny, I'm actually more of a reality show junkie! Yep, I'm addicted. It doesn't even have to really matter what the story line is. American Idol, Amazing race, the real world on MTV..I also like reality crime scene investigations like 48 hours on A&E..

Mary said...

i must admit a penchant for hgtv....i think i'm a design voyeur at heart. i also watch things like cold case and bones--both of which have smart women in charge! and lots of sports seem to be on at our house most of the year though most of the time it's just background noise for me...

Mary said...

i will just add that i turned off the tv for a few years....and although i did a bit more reading i just goofed off on the computer more, i got tv back. oh well. sometimes mindless entertainment is in order...

Shaunna said...

I usually have it on for noise but I've gone whole summers without TV. I generally use free tv (I don't pay for cable or dish). I pretty much have it to watch the weather and make it seem like there is another person in the room. :)
But I could live without it.

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