Friday, April 10, 2009

Dinner, Waterbottles and A New Canopy

Happy Weekend!

Irv just left to go pick up our carry-out for tonight! I'm getting a delicious Blue Cheese Pecan Chopped Salad from Outback. Of course that comes with a loaf of their awesome bread and then I got a piece of carrot cake for dessert! Oh....and I always get fries from the little burger joint where Irv gets his usual Italian Beef. So much for any kind of calorie control again this evening!

We also got our two stainless steel water bottles from Powderfin today. We can't drink our tap's well water and full of we have to buy bottled water. We always get a couple of the 2 gallon "tapper" size and then usually buy a case of the individual bottles to use for to and from work. I hate buying all of the water in plastic even though we recycle it all, so at the suggestion of fellow blogger "So Sherry" we decided to try this company. I've been filling mine all day from the 2 gallon tapper and the water has tasted great from the new stainless bottle. Mine is so cute with it's little dragonfly on it. Irv got a bigger size with fish on it! So no more little plastic bottles!

Well, I took the plunge and I ordered a 10 by 10 white canopy for the craft show. The rental place wanted $60 for one day. If I even do three shows this summer, that would cost more than what I paid for the canopy. We went to a few stores this morning and couldn't find one that didn't look like it would fall apart the first day, so I ended up ordering one online that had free shipping. I have no idea what the quality will be, but it can't be any worse than what we saw in the stores. Here is the one I ordered. We saw one by this company this morning and it looked much nicer than the others, it was just too big and didn't come in white. So, wish me luck...I figured even if I get a couple of seasons out of it, it was still cheaper than renting.

If I love doing the shows and do well at them, down the road maybe I'll invest in a really nice tent! Do you have a tent for craft shows? If so, what brand do you have?

Well, dinner will be here in a few minutes. Better get some plates and silverware out! Have an awesome evening!


Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

I have been looking into tents myself lately! I looked at renting them and WOW! That seemed expensive as the art show I'm going to do provides them for $50. But then I mentioned it to my dh and he said he "knows a guy"!!!! Imagine that! I might get to borrow one for free! Wouldn't that take the cake!
thanks for always commenting on my blog. Your comments always warm my heart♥

Lanyardlady said...

You will be glad you bought the canopy. Craft shows are fun but they make for a long day, especially if it's warm and sunny.Can't wait to hear about your success.

Angela said...

I once bought an EZ Up tent from Wal Mart. It ended up being a great tent...lasted forever. (In fact I think it is still at my dad's house) The only thing is, it wasn't tall enough and people bumped their heads on the little cross poles. So, we ended up using it as shade and set our booth up in front of it. We were lucky that we only got rained out once. I think EZ Up is a great brand though.

Once, I did The Canton Flea Market which is the biggest craft show in our state. I borrowed a tent from a guy we know who worked for Frito Lay. When I opened the tent up, it said "Tostitos" all over it!! I will say that I was easy to find!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Glad you got your own tent you will be so happy you did. Think about putting sticky back velcro, heavy duty, on three sides and on white sheets or lightweight canvas. You will find this helps hold the wind out and also people coming in from the back and sides. We do this and it works great..easier to keep you eye on you work too. Good luck with you show.....

Sherry said...

Inspired water bottle selection! The earth already has your lighter footprint becauee of it.

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