Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mystery Solved

I walk Wrigley every morning. We take the same basic route, passing the same houses each day. All of the houses have those metal drainage pipes that run under the driveway. They carry the rainwater away that runs off the roads into the ditch.

At this one house, there is a line from the road that goes into the pipe at one end and comes out at the other end where the grass has been totally smashed down, and I knew the first time I saw it exactly what it was. I just never had proof.

I knew it wasn't from the rain water running off the road, because it's really skinny.

The other morning, Wrigley and I headed out for our walk about 30 minutes earlier than normal. About a half a block before we got to that particular corner, I saw him. Waddle, waddle, creep, creep....across the road he went....right down the little hill into the ditch and right into the drainage pipe.

It was a darling little raccoon! I didn't have my camera unfortunately, so these pictures are from Wikipedia.

Little Mr. Raccoon never came out the other end, so I knew as we approached that he was still hiding in the pipe under the driveway. I thought for sure Wrigley would catch the scent as we walked by, but she didn't or if she did, she didn't care.

The little raccoon or raccoons must walk that very same route every single night as they head out to scavenge the neighborhood looking for food. Then they must take the same route home again early in the morning as the sun is coming up. Their little path is well worn.

I'm going to start taking my camera with me on our walks in the just never know who you might meet at 5:00 in the morning!


Lanyardlady said...

Don't you just love seeing wildlife up close and personal? On any given day I will usually see a combination of deer, rabbits, raccoons, possums, hedgehogs— and yes, once even a fox— in my yard. And I live in the city! We're taking away their homes in the woods. It's sad.

Mary said...

too cute!

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