Tuesday, July 14, 2009


When we got to Telluride, I noticed that Matt was wearing one of those plastic bracelets. I wear a blue one that says, "Believe" in honor of my Chicago Cubs and life in general. I wore a yellow "Live Strong" Lance Armstrong bracelet until it finally fell apart. The one Matt had on was red, green and yellow.

I asked him if I could see it and what it was for. On the outside it said, "Be the Best You!" and "Chee Hoo!!!" On the inside it said, "Make a difference".

Matt's best friend, Chris is also a grade school teacher. Like most teachers, he is always looking for ways to encourage and inspire his little learners. He made up the "Chee Hoo" to serve as their own little celebratory, happy cheer, like my "Woo Hoo" or "Yippee" or "Hip Hip Hooray". He had the bracelets made up and gave them out to the kids in his class.

Sometimes when he wants the kid's attention, he will yell, "CHEE" and the kids will yell back, "HOO!"

Somewhere along the line, they decided that it would be cool to get "CHEE HOO" to catch on outside of the classroom....so being the kid that I am....I offered to help them.

With my promise to spread "CHEE HOO" across the nation, I received my awesome, "CHEE HOO" bracelet!!

It was kind of funny because on the 4th we were sitting on Matt's front porch watching the fireworks and we kept hearing neighbors yelling, "CHEE HOO!!"

So my much used, "WOO HOO" has been shelved and replaced with, "CHEE HOO" in an attempt to spread the cheer and happiness for the children of Telluride!



Angela said...

Chee Hoo!

Lanyardlady said...

Awesome. I'll start spreading it around!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

What a great thing he has done...and I think we should all spread CHEE HOO....

Alison said...


But you need to know my damaged brain read that as "hoochee" LOL

Michael said...

"chee hoo!" is a polynesian exclamation of excitement that's been being used for years and years. When I first got to Hawaii over 12 years ago, I heard it said at concerts and special events and had to ask someone..haha. Just thought I'd fill you in on where it came from.

Kathy said...

Well, then I am sure that is where Chris got it. He has family in Hawaii. Hopefully we can spread it around the states here!

TKain said...

Hey there!

I'm noticing that this post is a few years old and all of the comments are as well ... hopefully, you still check your comments, though!

I live in Flagstaff, Arizona and work at a local pizzeria called Fratelli Pizza. It's a locally owned and operated restaurant and there are currently two locations here in Flagstaff. (Funny side-note: One of the two brothers who owns the restaurant used to be my middle-school social studies teacher!)

Anyways, a couple weeks ago I was sweeping the floor of the restaurant dining room, per the usual clean-up routine at the end of the night.

What brought me to this blog is, well, I found a plastic bracelet underneath one of our booths - and yep, you guessed it, it's the same one you're talking about ("BE THE BEST YOU!" + "CHEE HOO!!!" on the outside and "You Make A DIFFERENCE" on the inside)!

Now, your post didn't quite exactly detail the location in which these bracelets were made - but you did briefly say something about the people of Telluride, so I assume they were created there?

Since seeing your post, I can't help but wonder if there are only a few of these bracelets in existence, or if in the following couple years after you made the post, if many more have been made.

If only a few people have them, such as yourself, the creator(s) and the students, then I would guess this belongs probably to such a student who was either visiting or had moved to my town of Flagstaff.

I would very much so like to get it back to the rightful owner, now that I now the back story in the bracelets' creation!

If you could be of any help in this, I would very much so appreciate it - your post was the ONLY one relating to the bracelet I found that I could locate via the internet.

I'll check back here to see if you also check old blog posts.


TKain said...

... being a new-comer to this blog, site, and the author of such, I came to this link via google and only saw the specific blog (this one) that I just commented on.

I just now went to the "Four Dog Day" home page and saw the final post of Kathy's children ... I did not know, when I made my original comment hoping for a response to my inquiry - thus I do apologize for my ignorance and I am praying for Kathy's family.


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