Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's Getting Better

Well, we are back from the craft show and I am exhausted so this is going to be short. It actually went pretty well. Once again the sales weren't super, but I used Tresa's suggestions and definitely saw a difference. It was a pretty good show too. There were people around all day long. I wasn't in the main area, but still had plenty of traffic.

I sold a few cake stands, a pillow, a couple of sets of coasters, some switchplates and even some pin cushions! I either have to get a nice display stand for my cards, or not even bring them. People won't take the time to flip through them in a display box. Not sure what to do about the photos either.

My next show is an indoor show in September. Irv and I talked today about what kind of displays we want to create. It will be entirely different than the outdoor shows under a tent. I'm thinking, dog eared cedar fence panels painted white for a oouple of the walls so we could hang shelves on them. The space at the next show is only 8 X 10....that isn't a lot of room.

Well friends, I have got to go get my jammies on and chill out for a while. We are going over to Michael and Bernadette's house tomorrow morning. They closed and moved in on Friday. It's their first house and they are so excited! I am so excited for them!!

Have an awesome evening and I'll chat with you tomorrow!


Angela said...

I am glad your show went well. I had the same problem at my show- I had all my prints in a box and they just would not flip through them...which I didn't get it because I always flip through things when I go to people's booths.

Lanyardlady said...

Congrats on your sales. I wonder if you could get/make one of those carousel stands to display your cards and photos. Maybe if people could turn it they would look more.

Beth Anderson said...

I say congrats! I think it sounds like a very successful day - be proud and enjoy some rest today!

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