Sunday, July 12, 2009

Telluride......It's FREE

Something I found very interesting about Telluride is that even in this day and age, there were things that were FREE. By FREE, I mean no charge, no money exchanged....FREE.

Matt was always talking about the FREE BOX. He said it was a place in town, sheltered, where people could leave things they didn't need anymore, and other people could come and take what they needed or wanted.

I kept picturing a BOX and was surprised when we came upon the FREE BOX on our trip. It isn't really a BOX at all. It's a wooden wall of bins that are labeled. It's located right off of Main Street right in the middle of town! People drop clothing, shoes and things that they no longer need or want into the bins.

See that covered green turtle sandbox up on the top of the bins? We were in a store shopping a while after I took this picture, and someone walked in carrying the turtle! What a great way to get rid of what you don't need.....and for someone else to be able to use it. Sure beats the landfill!

One day while we were in town, Matt asked if we wanted to walk back to his house or take the bus. We were tired and said we would prefer the bus. I figured it couldn't cost that much. He didn't live that far. Oh, it didn't cost much. It was FREE! I didn't get a picture of the bus, so this one is from There is actually a history behind the "Galloping Goose" buses and you can read about it here.

Another day Matt decided to take us on the gondola up to Mountain Village. Mountain Village is a little "town" that lies higher up the mountain. There are condos and houses and stores and restaurants. I was leery of the gondola since I really don't like heights at all, but I promised myself that I was going to step out of my comfort zone this trip, so off we went to the gondola.

I asked Matt how much it would cost, and he laughed. He said Michael and Bern had asked the same thing....and's FREE. It was an awesome ride with a spectacular view! That's Telluride down below!!! Oh and yes, there are cars where you can bring dogs with and Luna went with us!

Mountain Village also put in this huge boulder with hand and foot holds for people to climb.

When we got there, there was a family climbing it and Matt joined in. It too was FREE. Not only would our town never put in something like that where people just go use it....because someone would get hurt and sue....but if they did put something like that can be sure it wouldn't be FREE.

Now I realize that Telluride is a tiny little town, and a very wealthy little town at that....and that most things there cost you an arm and a leg.....but how cool is it that you can really go somewhere and get something for nothing? I say, "Chee Hoo!"

How about your town? Big? Small? Anything FREE?


Angela said...

small town

I will say things are free for a bunch of people here...just not those of us who go to work and pay our bills :)

My town is full of people "beating the system" It is quite terrible when I think about it.

For instance, one of my co-workers daughters is getting workman's comp because she got "hurt" at work. They send her a check for $230 every week (I know because she cashes them at our restaurant)...but she has a job sitting an elderly lady and she gets paid $400 a week for that.

2 of my coworkers get checks (from the state) for keeping children in their homes...except I have never figured out how they are keeping these children when they are at work all day...

Even though all of my coworkers have children (all of them have 3 or more) none of them are married and they get money from the state.

Anyway, didn't mean to be so negative but free stuff wouldn't work in my town.

aliceinparis said...

There's a site called Freecycle on the web (I think it is everywhere). You post what you want to get rid of and people who are interested come and take it away:)People can also post things they are looking for too.
I was on a Gondola in the Rockies and scared stiff but I did not want to miss out on the mountain views at the top:)

Kathy said...

Angela, I think that happens everywhere. Big towns and small towns. It's just dishonest people taking advantage of programs that aren't meant to assist people that really need it. Very sad. That's what makes our taxes so high and adds to the mess our country is in right now. Not sure how to fix it all.

Beth Anderson said...

Wow - how incredible. Can't think of the last time I've run into anything free. One can't even park for free let alone "get something" for free! Wouldn't it be great if it could be spread around more?

Moose said...

Glad you found the free box in Telluride! It is also THE BEST doggie town around in Colorado!!! We have a free bike library here in Fort Collins and at our mountain home we have a free bus system too, just like Telluride.
Tail Wags to All.

Karen said...

I love those free boxes! In graduate school, I lived in married student housing and my fellow students and I would lay our unneeded, but still very useful, possessions down with great love and showcasing by the dumpster because we knew somebody could use it. Items were always gone in a half hour or less. Passing stuff on like that gave me way more satisfaction than the situation would have seemed to merit, but it did!

Meekiyu said...

o wow that place looks awesome and I do love all those free attractions. I think the Free Box is really a great idea.

As for free NYC has a lot of free stuff just need to know where to look... the parks are free... Central Park is like HUGE, some museums are free (the admission at the Natural history museum and the MET are only suggested prices ... though it's kind of bad to play zippo) Not to mention all the free concerts and plays at the parks and I think one around time square or 42nd street...

lots of free fun if you look!

glad you had such a great time at the little twon! =D

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