Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Of THOSE Days

Well, I am off and running this morning, and I am a little concerned. Irv and I got over to the blood donation center when I realized I didn't have my wallet. You have to have a picture ID. It was in my backpack from yesterday so we had to reschedule our appointments. We came home and I looked in my backpack and it wasn't there....oh, that's right, it was in the glove compartment in my car from last night when we went we could have given blood this morning.

We get home and Wrigley had pooped on the kitchen floor! I grab some paper towels and pick it up. I didn't want to throw it in the garbage in the house, so I head outside to the garbage can. Open it up and it's empty. Don't really want to throw gross poop in the bottom of the empty can, so I head back in the house to get a bag to put it in....all the while carrying around a handful of poop in a wad of paper towels. In the house, get a bag, put the poop in it, back outside and throw the bag in the can.

We are going over to Michael and Bernadette's and I wanted to take a picture of how the craft show booth is coming along to show them, so I go in the house to get my camera. On the way I drop the rest of my blueberry waffle I was eating on the floor of the garage. I pick it up and head to the garbage can and smack my leg on the edge of the craft show booth. OUCH! Throw the waffle in the garbage.

I get in the house and my camera is not on the kitchen table where I was sure I had left it. Oh, that's's already in the car with the stuff I am taking to Michael and Bernadette's house. Back out to the car, get the camera, take the picture and put the camera back in the car.

Irv has decided that he is staying away from me today because I am a bit "out of sorts". I am now headed to the fabric store to pick out fabric for aprons and tote bags. I have my list, but with the way things are going today, I am more than a bit concerned. Wish me luck! Ever have one of "those days"?


Oklahoma Granny said...

You gave me my first smile of the day. I think everyone has one of those days every so often. I know I do. Have a great rest of the weekend. I hope you find the fabric of your dreams!

Mary said...

Your post made me laugh because I'm definitely having one of those days...I've decided to just let the day take me where it wants to go and stop trying to direct it ;-)

good luck with the rest of your day!

Lanyardlady said...

I can so relate! I saw a card that said, "Life is improvisation, so play it by ear!" Good advice for days like you're having.

aliceinparis said...

Oh, my, yes! I have them and they make me wonder "what is GOING on?!" Good thing they are only occasional.

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