Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Business of Being In Business

Gee, I have had 3 sales in 9 days....that is very unusual for me. The funny thing is that once again I have been totally absorbed in preparing for the September craft show, and the only etsy thing I am doing is making sure that I renew things that are about to expire. That's it.

I sold a photo note card and a photo from FourDogDay and little planter from MyOtherShop. I would show you pictures of what I sold, but for some reason blogger won't let me upload any at this time......UGH!

When I think about my etsy sales, I certainly wouldn't mind more, but for someone that works a full time job and does this evenings and weekends, I think I am doing okay. I have sold things to family and friends and the transactions didn't take place through etsy, and I have had sales at the two craft shows I've all things considered...I am pleased with where I am at.

I know I am a much happier person now than I was before I started my business. It has filled a tremendous void for me. I didn't realize how much I missed crafting until I started doing it again. Now, I don't know what I would do without it.

I said before that I have tried so many different things from the cards, and jewelry to decoupage and now to the aprons and totes....and it isn't that I am's that I haven't found my niche yet...although I think I am getting close. I am finding the most satisfaction with the aprons and tote bags and can't wait to make some place mats and napkins. It's the fabric thing....I really have a thing for fabric. :)

I don't worry any more about how much money I am or am not's all about what it brings to me on a personal goal is to have my crafting supplement social security when I I have plenty of time to grow my business as I find my way.

If you have your own business, how long have you had it? What expectations did you have when you started? Have they changed? What does owning your own business mean to you?


Beth Anderson said...

I agree - it is all about what it brings on a personal level and a big CONGRATS for your latest sales!

Diane said...

I do part time sales from my home and just enjoy being useful. It does fill a void in us.

Life Potentials Network said...

Congratulations on your recent sales! Well done, Kathy! I have a thing for fabric too...I just have to stay out of fabric stores! That's because I don't do anything with it....If I were a crafter or artist that would be a different story but I would be happy just collecting! HA! Whatever floats your boat i guess! Well done, girl! I think your business is going along well and wouldn't worry. You are following your passion and doing well. That is great! And I have no doubt you will find your niche.....xo

AMIdesigns said...

congratulations on the sales! you're right, it can take a wee while to find the craft that's right for you, sounds like you've found it!

Michele said...

Hi Kathy - Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I just recently started my own mosaic business. I have worked from home for several years doing marketing. I am enjoying the mosaics and am teaching classes, I'd love to be an art marketing coach one day. I'm like you in that it's not so much about the money as it is what I get out of it. Congrats on your recent sales... I'll have to check out your shop. That is another thing that is on my to-do list... set up Etsy shop. I'll be back to visit you soon! Have a great week, Michele

Sherry said...

You know Kathy, after I read your post, I thought well, my business means everything to me.

It means I work for no one but myself, it gives me the freedom, both artisticlly and financially I never dreamed of before.

And as long as the hours are, it never seems like work. And if I just want to stop in the middle of a Monday a read blogs or kiss my husband or son, I can do that too.

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