Saturday, August 8, 2009

Super Shopping Day!

Happy Weekend!!! Chee Hoo to everyone!

I only have a few minutes this morning. It's almost 11:00 and I haven't even started sewing yet. I have been to Menards to pick wood for the shelves for the craft show booth....which is turning out AWESOME. Irv has the walls done and now we are trying to design the placement of the shelves. I'll post pictures when we get some of them in.

After Menards I went to Hancock Fabric. They are having a big sale so I thought I would see what I could find. Got some awesome denim and corduroy fabric for two new totes and a great looking fall print for another.

Here is the denim I bought. It has embroidered flowers all over it. I bought a tiny floral print to line the bag. I think this one is going to be darling!

I loved this striped fabric. It's hard to see the colors in the picture, but they are very autumn looking. I think the gold paisley will look great as a lining. This bag will have wood handles.

I thought this 60's look floral corduroy was so neat. I would love this one for myself....but like I said before...that is against the rules. Then....get this....they had all of their Simplicity patterns on sale for ONE DOLLAR EACH!!!! No, I am not kidding. I could have sat there all day! I bought 2 great apron is a wraparound and the other is vintage look aprons! So darn cute. Then I got one for some new pillows, a really cute tote bag one, one for make up bags and then one for kitchen accessories like place mats, napkins and stuff. I will use the apron and tote bag ones now and the rest will be for when I have time....but what a HUGE SCORE!!! I would not have bought ANY right now at the regular price, but I couldn't pass this up. Normally the six I bought would have been $85.00!!! That's how good of a deal this was! I paid $6.00!!!

So, I am off to get this house picked up. Irv is over at Michael and Bern's house hooking up new appliances today so I'm on my own for the day. Hopefully I will get a lot done. Make it a super day for yourselves and I'll chat with you tomorrow!!


Lanyardlady said...

Have fun sewing! The denim fabric is my favorite. Can't wait to see it when you're done.

Angela said...

That is a great deal! I love looking at patterns even though I can't really sew :) I bet you did have fun.

I can't wait to see the craft booth.

Sherry said...

Hope it's a wildly productive day, Kathy.

aliceinparis said...

Great stuff! Don't you just love days like that.
I think you SHOULD make a bag for yourself! You can use it as a marketing tool. When people compliment you on it....whip out a business card and voila, a possible sale:)

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