Monday, August 3, 2009

Different as Night and Day

As most of you know, we have two dogs. Sparky is a 12 year old toy fox terrier and Wrigley is a 2 year old mixed breed. Our dogs are very, very different. Just like kids raised in the same house, the exact same way all turn out different, so do dogs. Let me explain.

Wrigley would walk all day if you had the time to take her. Sparky's idea of exercise is moving to wherever the sun is shining on the deck.

Sparky checking to see if the grass is wet. If it is, she will pee on the sidewalk.
Wrigley loves to be outside. She prefers the cooler weather, and rain and snow don't bother her in the least. Sparky will pee on the rug by the back door if it's colder than 60 degrees and if there is even a forecast of rain, because you never know, she might get out there and start to pee and a drop of rain might land on her precious little head! Winter....HA, that's a joke. If you force her to go shoving her out the door, she will squat the second you put her down...right on the door mat, pee and then turn around and jump on the door to come back in.

Wrigley enjoying being outside
When you are fixing their food, Wrigley just sits over by her spot in the kitchen waiting patiently. Sparky on the other hand makes noises that you can't even believe are coming from a dog. She jumps up and down until you think she's going to collapse, but no, that's when she starts going in circles....and don't be late feeding her or you will pay....dearly!

Sparky waiting for her food. I caught her standing still for a moment. I should have taken a video of the dinner time dance she does
Wrigley lays on her little bed. Sparky has to be under an afghan on the couch...even in the summer.

Sparky checking to see if it's warm enough to come out from under her blankie
Both of the dogs sleep with us. Wrigley curls up at the foot of the bed. Sparky sleeps in the middle of the bed, under the covers. In the winter she has to be under the top sheet and blankets and in the summer she has to be under just the top blanket...and don't try to pull one over on her. It doesn't work. She'll scratch at the blankets until you do it right. And don't encroach on her space during the night either because you will get four feet full of little nails stabbing you in your back!

Wrigley just being happy outside
Ah, toys. We now buy them the exact same toys. Wrigley loves all of her little stuffed least the ones that Sparky doesn't destroy. Wrigley will take them to her bed with her and just chew on them lovingly and cuddle with them....Sparky dismantles them, limb by limb and pulls every bit of guts out of their cute little bodies.

Wrigely's "buddy" after Sparky got a hold of it. We caught her though so she only got one ear off and chewed up the other ear and one leg

Sparky's "buddy"....need I say more?
So, yes, even dogs raised in the same home the exact same way can turn out different....very different...just like kids!


Oklahoma Granny said...

Kathy, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just had to visit yours and I LOVE it. I'll be back for sure. I laughed so hard reading your dog post! Good luck with your craft business. Looks like your booth is going to be fantastic. I read a few of your posts and loved your Colorado pictures.

Lanyardlady said...

That is so cute! I love the way dogs have such distinctive personalities. They remind me of Felix and Oscar!

Kathy said...

Thanks so much Oklahoma! I appreciate all of the kind words.

Felix and true!

Waterstone by Lori Plyler said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I think I'm a Sparky! I'm still laughing.

Sherry said...

OK, so ever since you said different as night and day, I've been singing the theme to Patty Duke.

Angela said...

so cute how their personalities are so different! Lu and Todd are total opposites too.

I love all the pictures!

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