Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guessing Game Day 2

To those of you that took a guess yesterday at what I am making for it's not a spider web on a stick, a funky dream catcher, coasters, plant identifiers, a mat for hot things, a mobile, a regular dream catcher, a basket or a cross thing! Great guesses though.

Headchange got the right category when she said Christmas Decor.....but we need the exact item.

Here are the craft sticks cut and ready to be assembled, and a piece of the twine the size I will be using. I will be using glue to assemble it.

I am expecting a winner today, so start guessing! First person to guess what it is wins a little prize. Chee Hoo!


Leilani Lee said...

Hi... Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't do crafts at all. I admire anyone who can take things make other things that are useful as decorations, or whatever. Thus, I probably have less of a clue than anybody but I'd say a sleigh.

aliceinparis said...

No idea! Can hardly wait to see what it is! Snowflake?

jen said...

It's a sled!


Oklahoma Granny said...

My guess is a frame.

Angela said...

A Christmas Tree shaped ornament

Angela said...

I think an ornament that will be hanging by twine...twine through the stick with the 2 holes...can't figure out the shape though. Maybe a star?

PonderandStitch said...

The sad part is that finding out what this darn thing turns out to be is going to be the highlight of my whole weekend!


A Cuban In London said...

Father Christmas's beard!

Greetings from London.

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