Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Imogene Pass Run

On Saturday while I was at the craft show, my 26 year old son was competing in the Imogene Pass Run. I talked about in a previous post. You can read about it here.

Matt really had every intention of training long and hard for this grueling race, but ended up only running a few times to try to prepare. He took a 5 week road trip this summer and then with work and everything else he does...he just didn't train.

I waited patiently for his call on Saturday. His goal was to finish in four hours. I couldn't do it in four days!!

Well,the call came and he finished in 3:22:43. He was 24th out of 88 in his 25-29 age group, and I think he said he was 171st out of the 1200 runners that finished! Not bad for someone that didn't train. I was looking at the race results and there is a 70+ category! WOW!

Congratulations Matt on a great job. I'm proud of you.


Bluebell said...

Brilliant, just think what he could do if he did train. I do so admire anyone who exercises both my husband and son run, I just cannot get my head around these people of 70 and 80 who run the London Marathon please tell me how they do it. Well Done Matt!!

AMIdesigns said...

You've every right to be proud of him! He did a brilliant time.

Beth Anderson said...

congrats indeed!

Joanna Jenkins said...

AWE-SOME job Matt!!! WAy to go.

Wade said...

I Googled 'Chee Hoo' because Saturday someone gave me a wrist band (think the Armstrong - Live Strong bands) that said, 'Chee Hoo. Be the best you.' Your blog came up. What does Chee Hoo mean? Awesome coincidence - I got the wrist band in Telluride. I was a bit behind Matt over the top of Imogene. The run was too much fun. Search and Rescue? I bet he knows my friend Swani.

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