Monday, September 14, 2009

Still Learning

I am SO glad that I took today off. My workshop is filled with boxes and bins and bags and I was way too tired last night to do anything about it!

Irv and Michael setting up Friday afternoon
Sunday was definitely better than Saturday at the show. I did manage to make enough to pay my fee plus a couple of dollars....and I mean...a couple of dollars, but once again I am not discouraged at all. I learned more at this show and we will put some of it into play at the next show in three weeks.

Me trying to figure out where to put it all
If you factor in the cost of all of the fast food meals and Irv's flat tire yesterday and the cost of my new booth....we are way, way, way in the hole....but it's all part of building a craft show business and it's an expense we are willing to incur. Irv and I both agree that we will make money with this eventually.

Me wishing I had some clips for my hair while setting up Friday
I think people were a little "frightened" to come "into" a booth like mine....maybe they were afraid we wouldn't let them back out. We had to do some encouraging at times, but when we noticed people not even getting in far enough to see the things on the sides, we remembered what Tresa told us last show...and that was to showcase a little of everything out front where people can't miss it. We did and when people saw the "tease" it drew them into the booth.

Arranging and rearranging on Friday

We had to use my check out table to put the little assortment of items on and it was a bit difficult to check people out without that space. I think what we are going to do is add shelves to the front end panel of the booth and display an assortment of things on there rather than on my little check out table. On the other end panel, we will leave the hooks so I can hang some tote bags...oh yes, the tote bags. I sold one. Chee Hoo!

Saturday morning...almost ready
People loved the girls, but I didn't sell a single apron. I did have a lady looking for a style that I have the pattern for but just haven't had time to make. I might find the time now. She took a card and asked when I thought I might have some done.

I had a girl at another booth ask about the vendor apron I was wearing. She needs two of them. It turns out she lives a few miles from me and we are going to be in touch, so I might get a couple of apron orders from her.

Some of the tote bags
Once again, I sold 5 cake stands. People really seem to like them...and the more unique the better. I guess I will keep making those.

Cake stands and one tote bag that was falling off the hook
I did sell some coasters and one little light switch cover. I'm finding that with the light switch covers, no matter how many you have of each style, you never have the right style in the right fabric....I might not be making any more of those.

I thought this looked really cute
I had to laugh when I looked at the pillows after I set them up. First of all I set them up facing the left which is how the compulsive side of me has to have the clothes hanging in my closet....the front of the booth was to the right! Then by facing them to the left, all you could see was price tags! UGH! I got them turned around before the show started and they looked great. I didn't sell any.

How NOT to display pillows!
So, I am headed to the craft store today. I have new things I am going to be working on. I'm not sure if the show coordinator will let me bring them to the show in three weeks since I didn't include them on my application, but if not...they will be on etsy soon and I'll take them to the little church show I'm doing in November.

This is the little "teaser" table we set up. It really helped get people into the booth.
The shows are a lot of work and it is a long weekend. When you are packing up and you know you didn't make a's a tedious job. I am still waiting for my "break out" show....maybe in three weeks!!

I have to send out a HUGE thank you to Irv, because there is no way I could do this without him and I love doing this! I also want to thank Michael, Bernadette and Tresa for coming to the show and lending their support. I love you all.

I am happy I was able to cover my fee and make a couple of bucks. I'm thrilled that each show I am learning more and more about what I should and shouldn't be doing. I'm excited that I get to do it again in three weeks. I'm not sure Irv is as excited as I am though!!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I'm sorry the show didn't go as well as you would have liked but your booth looks fantastic! Your displays were great. Wishing you the best with the next show.

Lanyardlady said...

I think your booth looks fantastic and the variety of items you have is amazing. Keep the faith...the right show is going to come along and you will do quite well. But you're right. The shows are a TON of work. Like the girls, hang in there!

Bluebell said...

Your Booth looks absolutely great and I'm sure in time this will all take off but it is hard work but don't get disheartened your goods are all pretty special it is just finding the right venue.
Love Jill

Kathy said...

I really think it's more finding what people want to buy at the shows. It's different than on-line for some items. I don't ever get down about stuff like this. This was only my third show, and my first indoor show. I paid my fee, so it just cost us our time. The booth will get paid for over time as we use it for all of our shows.

The shows are just a lot of fun and you meet some really great people. The seasoned pros that were so helpful to us at our first show were there and we chatted with them a lot. Lots of great people.

Bring on the next one! I'm ready!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Your booth looks fabulous! Hang in there, I'm sure as the holidays get closer your lovely merchandise will fly off the shelves and your "girls" will be naked before you know it!

Beth Anderson said...

Wow Kathy - your booth (and goods)look FABULOUS! I know it was a ton of work but keep the faith. I can't imagine you won't be doing a bang up job, especially closer to the holidays.

Sherry said...

I think the booth looked great, and I admire how hard everyone in your family worked to put it all together.

Angela said...

I think that is the most awesome booth I have ever seen!

Your day will come. You just have to find the right crowd. The closer you get to Christmas, the better you will do!

I think the girls look so cute.

Kathy said...

Thanks so much you guys. You are all so awesome. I wanted my booth to look like a boutique and I think we accomplished that. It was fun taking my vision....and having Irv build it! :)

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Keep at it! You'll hit the right show and it will be SOOO worth it! Your booth looked great and the "teaser" table is definitely a good idea. I do that with my booth, too.

aliceinparis said...

Your booth looked great! I think that with each show you will do better and better. This is a big learning curve. You are still in "craft show school" You are discovering how to get people in, what sells, what doesn't, what works!
Your inventory is impressive!I think as it gets closer to Christmas sales will take off!

Dallas Shaw said...

are those aprons?? they look amazing

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