Saturday, September 26, 2009

I LOVE the Weekends!!!!!

I was SO looking forward to this three day weekend!! Today I will be locked away in my workshop, music blasting, window I finish up a custom order for two vendor aprons, make a ton more ornaments and experiment with some different pins. I want to make some out of cotton for people that live in warmer climates that don't need or want a brooch made out of wool, and Angela from Pickles on Pizza sent me an awesome "how to" for a really neat one!

Included are some pictures of some of the new things from MyOtherShop.

Hobby Horse Ornament
I might throw in some laundry and do a little house cleaning if I feel like it.

On Sunday we are having dinner at Michael and Bernadette's house with Tresa and Chris. I haven't seen the house in a few weeks and since then they have done some landscaping, got their new appliances, painted the kitchen, refinished the cabinets and I'm not sure what else. They have been really busy working on their first house and I'm sure it looks awesome!

New Ivory Brooch
Monday is a holiday in my school district. It is Yom Kippur and even though I am not Jewish....many of our students, teachers and office staff are, so it is a holiday for us and I happily accept any and all holidays they want to give me!

Monday I will finish what I don't finish blasting, window open etc. etc. etc.

New Brown Brooch
I am looking forward to this weekend of family and fun!! I hope your weekend plans include some fun too.


Angela said...

I was wondering why it was a 3 day weekend! (Not that I ever get a wknd anyway)

Your weekend though sounds great! Windows open, music blasting...

I hope you get a ton of things finished and enjoy the time with your kids.

Kathy said...

I am actually listening to this awesome CD right now by this guy named Aubrey Holman. Everyone should check it out!!! :)

Tins and Treasures said...

Three day are sooo lucky. Even when we have a MOnday holiday, we often have staff development days...
Have a great weekend! ~Natalie

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Sounds like a fun filled weekend for you..that's great...And it is always nice to have a three day one thrown in every now and then...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Have a great looooong weekend.

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