Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Looking for Suggestions....

When I redo a room, I usually get it painted and never have the money to really decorate it. Well, things they are a changing! Some how, some way, I am going to paint and decorate this little house of mine....one room at a time. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! First up is the living room and hallway...after that the bathroom...and then my bedroom.

Today, let's talk living room since it's first on the list. I have a tiny little living room in a tiny little house. Back in 1972 when we bought our house, the first thing we did was to paint the living room bright blue and laid beautiful blue and green shag carpet and hung blue and green open weave drapes. It was.........lovely and very "in" by the way! I use to rake that rug daily! :)

I tend to paint things based on the mood I am in at the time. The last time I painted the living room, I was obviously in a dull and boring mood. I painted it a light khaki color. I love color, but with the room being so small I have to go light.

Here is what I have right now. I have one couch that isn't in bad shape, but needs to be covered. I'm really not a flower person.

I have an ugly plaid love seat that really needs to go. It had a cover on it, but the cover finally fell apart.

After years of having cats with claws, I learned the hard way not to buy new furniture....ever. I don't have cats any longer, but now I have a 12 and 1/2 year old toy fox terrier that once in a while seems to forget that she is supposed to pee outside and not on the furniture. Needless to say, there won't be any new furniture here until Sparky isn't.

We have this HUGE t.v. cabinet that looked the perfect size on the showroom floor at IKEA. It takes up half of my living room!

We are down to ONE goldfish in his little 10 gallon tank. His tank is on top of our little fake fireplace. With my luck he will set a Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest gold fish in history!

I have built in shelves on one wall.

I have a little hallway with very naked walls. The color in the second picture is accurate. Not sure why the first one looks pink.

I have thought long and hard about what I want to do and here are my thoughts. Now I am no Martha Stuart when it comes to decorating, but I have had my nose in magazines for many, many months and I think I have a solid plan.

First of all, I need to paint. I can't have a dark color because the room is so small. I LOVE green so I am thinking a light mossy green or a light fern green and stay with the white trim.

Get a khaki colored cover for the floral couch, get rid of the love seat and replace it with two small chairs.

Get new blinds. I wish they made mini ones in wood that didn't cost a fortune. I need blinds, but hate the plastic ones.

Make valances, or curtains or drapes or buy them if I find something I like. They need be light and airy for the little room.

Get rid of the big t.v. cabinet and get a small t.v. stand with a couple of shelves in a light wood color. Michael and Bernadette have all black accents and I love it, but I'm thinking it might not work in my little room. What do you think? Whatever I get, I might be able to find at a resale shop or a garage sale. I plan to start looking.

Paint this little chest white (or black). It's actually an old toy box...and use it as a coffee table. No room for a big table.

Get a small table for between the two chairs and add a cute lamp.

Get a floor lamp for next to the bigger couch. We need some light.

Take this awesome picture that Matt made us for Christmas last year, hang it in the hallway and surround it with tons of family photos. If you look carefully, you will see the names Kathy, Irv, Tresa, Michael, Matt, Chris and Bern vertically somewhere in the picture. I LOVE this thing!

Mat and frame some big green leaves (like ferns) and hang them on the big open wall in the living room. Maybe 3 in a row....big frames. I saw it in a magazine and it was amazing!

Get something fun to hang over the couch. Not sure what though.

Get rid of the ugly hanging plant...so yukky. Get a nice tall skinny floor plant for somewhere and then lots of small green plants to put on shelves and tables.

Take the black and white photos out of this sad frame and frame them individually and put them all over the built in shelves instead of the "assortment" that is on the shelves now.

So, what do you think? I think this is a start. I'm sure once I get started I will change my mind about some things, but I like the idea of it right now. I am open to any and all suggestions before I get this project under way....so let's hear what you got!

Chee Hoo!


Leilani Lee said...

LOL here. My parents put down blue-green shag carpet sometime in the early 70s, just before I got married. And yes, it was "in" then. Sounds like you have thought out what you want to do for your house. I love light green--go for it! Re winning the contest. You didn't list this, but the most useful thing for me would be one of your tree bookmarks. My e-mail address is cnsl at townsqr dot com. If you send me your e-mail I will send you my snail mail address...

jen said...

Sounds like you have a plan!

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you about the contest...I have a show this weekend, so you know how that is! I've looked a couple of times, but I just couldn't decide! They're all so good!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I have a very small decorating budget too...and cats and a dog-although they are very good about staying off the furniture (they have their own). Apartment Therapy is an awesome resource for ideas on decorating rooms of any size and shape.

Small rooms are my personal fave, as a Native of NYC, I've become rather skilled at making them look big, bright and cozy. Wall mount as much as you can and build around your favorite piece. Have fun! :D

Beth Anderson said...

Sounds like you already have a good plan in the works.
I agree with T Allen Mercado - pick a favorite or focal point and add lots to the walls.

Oklahoma Granny said...

I've never been a big fan of green until last year when we had our kitchen painted a very nice shade of kind of fern green. I really, really like it. Matting and framing some leaves sounds like a great idea. I know what you mean about seeing furniture in a store, then getting it home only to realize just how big it really is. The one thing that really increased space in our living room was biting the bullet and buying a flat screen tv and mounting it to the wall. You can't imagine how much bigger it made our living room. Just a thought. Can't wait to see pictures of the makeover!

lilylovekin said...

It is good to have a plan. I just repainted my living room and cleared out all the "junk". I'm living with the thought that less is more. But it feels very empty. Your plan sounds good and I love the color with the white trim. Best of luck.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I laughed out loud at the "raking" the rug". We used to do that too :-)

You have a great plan. Once you get your green paint on the walls and the white woodwork you'll probably be able to answer your own question about the black cabinet for the tv. Go with what feels right.

Like everyone else, work with a focal point and don't be afraid to put a small photo in a larger frame and mat. It can make then really stand out.

I can't wait to see the finished room! Good luck.

Lanyardlady said...

You have great ideas. I have zero decorating sense but I like neutral walls with colorful accessories. Since Matt's photo is your favorite, maybe you could complement it by using geometric shapes in your upholstery, frames, carpet, etc. I hope you'll do a step-by-step for us like you did with your booth. I love to read those.

Sherry said...

I say wall mount too. I love groupings of photos in a hallway. You can use the shelves for so many other things. Once you cover the sofa and loveseat, I bet all kinds of inspiratio will happen.


Fav #1-A:I am all about dark-rich-vibrant color in cramped quarters like to give it more importance. But...
Fav #1-B: I also love it when others so smartly keep to a gallery-bright-white space, allowing their things to speak up. Benjamin Moore Ultra White, eggshell walls, satin trim.

Fav #2: Gather up all family photos, and line one side of the entire hallway, all with similar frames. It becomes a moving family story. This opens up your main walls to highlight your most important piece of art, and utilize your bookcase for actual library worthy books.

Fav #3: Shabby-Chic white slip covers. An easy and clean look, that allows for spot cleaning and bleach, and color dye in the washing machine when the whim strikes. Note: You cannot bleach beige, or any other color.

Fav #4: Super dark-espresso stained wood floors, or any wood floors. Also another easy clean, of a sweep and a Swiffer.

Fav #5: Fabulous colors, in all your transferable favorites like, pillows, rugs, collectibles. Seasons change color, natural light changes color, lamp light changes color, your personal preferences change color. So keep the colors changing as you change.

Fave #6: Warm up the white with some natural neutrals. Sheep skin throws, natural heather grey blankets and rugs help keep the room cozy rather than cold. Even stuffed animals (panda, lions, elephants, leopards) keep an open invitation to little visitors with out looking like a theme park.

Fav # 7: Bolder building blocks of natural woods, natural leathers, balanced out with some more white lighting fixtures.

Bold Strokes Darlin'!..bold strokes.
Have no fear, my Dear.
You will do well.


P.S. Color theory and Feng Shui both state that Green = Family.

Generally on the middle-left of the home, or any where you feel Family.

aliceinparis said...

I love that shade of green! I think your room will be cozy and inviting and uplifting too!Once the paint is on the walls you will see what else will work :)

Mary said...

have fun! we also have a very small, older home and we are in the process of repainting and decorating....so i hear this loud and clear...

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