Friday, October 9, 2009


A couple of days ago I hear my boss yelling from her office, "Oh, party planner Kathy. We need you." I knew that couldn't be a good thing. "We have another thing for you to organize for us."

I said, "I suppose you need it tomorrow." (Mind boss is awesome. We have a great relationship, so I can be a smart ass if I want to) A few weeks ago she gave me two days to order and receive custom t-shirts, make raffle coupons, banners and buy decorations! I pulled it now I have become our party planner and my services are required once again.

This time I am being given three weeks to make six....yes, six Halloween costumes, order custom t-shirts and order custom stretchy bracelets. The t-shirts are already ordered and so are the bracelets. That only took a couple of the costumes.

We have an anti-flu campaign going called "Boo To The Flu", so they want our four nurses to be germs for the Halloween parties and parades and then my boss and another staff member are going to be bottles of Germ-X hand sanitizer!! How cute is that? Here is the germ I found on the internet. It will be two pieces but that's about all I know so far!! HAHA!

I bought some lime green fabric and some purple and white felt for his spots. I have no pattern because everything that might have worked is out of print.

I drew a sketch of the hand sanitizer costume and that one won't be too bad, except for the "pump".

I really thought my costume making days were long behind me, but not so. Thank goodness I don't have to do this at home. I have fabric coming out the wah-zoo and tons of stuff to make and get listed in MyOtherShop for the holidays. No, I will doing all of this at work thank goodness! That does mean toting a sewing machine, ironing board and iron to the office, but oh well.

Today I cut about a zillion circles out of felt to glue on the germ costumes! This is what my desk looked like today.

I will give you little updates as I make progress with my project.

I had a nightmare last night that the ugly green germs were chasing me down the halls of the school trying to give me the swine flu, but the hand sanitizers came and squirted goo all over the floor and the germs were slipping and sliding and fell down and I escaped!!! Chee Hoo!!

Just kidding. No nightmares....all is well in party planning land. :)


Joan said...

I look forward to seeing those costumes made up. =)

TERI REES WANG said... goofy gals!

>My cousin had surgical masks made up with the shop's name, and passed them out to the folks walking by.

>My friend has a company called
"No Cooties" that is an essential oil spray for your face.

Angela said...

That sounds like a really fun work day to me! I know the costumes will look great!

The only bummer, you will have to take your machine back and forth with you everyday...unless you have a back-up machine. Good luck!

Lanyardlady said...

What a fun assignment! Can't wait to see a group photo of all the germs and hand sanitizers together.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Sounds like a fun project..and we know you up to the task...Use some PVC pipe and curve drain piece for the plunger on the bottle cap...Can't wait to see pictures of the finished costumes...Have fun..

Joanna Jenkins said...

You have a very fun job! I can't wait to see the finished costumes.

aliceinparis said...

I don't know how you dot! Always something on the go:)

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