Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Missing Paint Swatches

Last week I talked about picking a color to paint my living room. I had the little booklets with the tiny little color samples in them, but once I started to narrow it down, I knew I needed more.

I went to Menards and picked out a bunch of the nice big 4 X 5 color swatches they have in the colors I liked. I brought them home and I taped about 6 different greens to two different walls in my living room. Then I took the accent color swatches and I tucked them in around the back of the green they went with...kind of like this.

Each time I was in the living room, I would notice the color swatches and slowly I was starting to eliminate the ones I didn't like. Then it happened....

We got home Friday night from the craft show set up, and as I walked through the living room I noticed that Wrigley's little bed had something all over it. I walked over to take a closer look. I bent down to see what it was, and it turned out to be what was left of a lovely yellow accent color swatch. I looked up at the wall and one whole set of swatches was missing! I knew where the yellow was, but what happened to the green, the blue and the brown? Obviously they fell off the wall, and I was hoping the rest of them had slid under the couch when they fell.

Uh, no!

The colors looked really nice on the wall....I did not check to see how they looked in the back yard.


Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Hilarious! Don't you just love the pets!?
Our declawed inside cat somehow got outside yesterday and now has a fever for the out of doors! There's always something happening when there are pets or kids around!

Lanyardlady said...

Hilarious. Does Wrigley have a flair for decorating?

Angela said...

Ha! Kathy, have you read "Marley and Me" ? (The movie does it no justice)...if not- you HAVE to read it! It is a true story and there is a part that involves the dog, a gold necklace, a stick, and a water hose...that is what your story reminded me of....oh and I am totally going to blog about when Lucy ate a sock...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Very funny! I'm still smiling!

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