Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho

It's back to work I go! After a glorious six days off, I am headed off to work this morning. The nice thing is that I only have to work two days and then I am off for four more!! That's a big Chee Hoo!

It has been a wonderful break, filled with fun and family, and even a little etsy thrown in. I've been able to organize my etsy shop, FourDogDay a bit, organize my workshop a bit and organize my life a bit. What more can one ask for?

Work should be quiet with no kids or teachers. I have some enjoyable projects to work on and then it will be time to celebrate the coming of the new year. I have put a lot of thought into my plans for the upcoming year, and I will talk about that later this week.

Do you go out to celebrate New Years Eve? We use to go out. After we got tired of doing that, we use to get together at some one's house each year to celebrate. After years of doing that we started to stay home and watched the TV celebrations together. Now Irv can barely stay awake until 9:00 and I can barely make it past the 10:00 news.... much less midnight. I can usually manage if I keep myself busy, but Irv doesn't even get close. We'll see how we do this year.

I did get a new tote bag finished up today and listed in FourDogDay, and I also finished one of my new clocks. I used the same fabric for the clock as I did for the one I made for myself. Here is mine.

The fabric placement is different on the etsy one. I'll try to get that photographed as soon as I have some good lighting and get that listed as well.

Here is the tote. I love the new style and I love brown and pink together. I have other fabrics to make three more like this one, fabric to make quite a few clocks and even fabric to make some of my new envelope back pillow covers. Yes, I had fun at Joann's and on etsy over the break!

Well, it's time to get myself going. Make it an awesome day for yourself and I'll chat with you soon.


Tins and Treasures said...

Can you help me organize my life too?! That must feel sooo good.

I love pink and brown together too. Cute!

Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

Lanyardlady said...

We are on the same wavelength about getting organized! I think the clocks and the tote bags are your best ideas yet..maybe IKEA will be knocking at your door soon about adding the clocks to their line! Have a great day back at work!

MooreMagnets said...

I am also planning on getting organized in the new year! Even started a new blog about it! As far as new year's goes though - we are homebodies ... really we have no desire to stay up late and wake up with a hangover on Jan 1st. So, we will stay in - have a nice dinner and maybe watch a movie with the kids!

Cathryn said...

I usually am pretty organized but this new year is demanding tighter control over my time. I love the colors you are combining!

As for New Year's, we are staying home. I generally don't make it up past 9PM--much like Irv. D is the night owl and will probably ring in the new year alone.

Have a great day at work, Kathy!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Great tote!
We never do anything on New Year's Eve--fuddy duddy homebodies are we! We used to go to a neighborhood round robin for a few years, but then we moved and so did some other families and, well, you know how that goes...

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

We used to stay home. Now we sit with the grandkids so mom and dad can go out to a party. They haven't done much of that, so they really appreciate it...and leave us some very nice treats.

gayle said...

Cute bag!! You have so much energy!!

Beth Anderson said...

staying home for NYE - I think positively about it - at least I'm comfortable (in my pj's) and I don't have to worry about crazy drivers!
Love the tote Kathy!

Angela said...

Love that bag!!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Glad to see you getting to spend some time enjoying and creating! Good stuff! I need to do quite a lot more reorganizing too-- seems like a never ending quest after this particular move. :) It will be GREAT when it's all finished though; some of it has been years overdue!

Well, dear lady, I just popped by to wish you lots of warm, happy wishes for the New Year! May we all find ourselves doing more of the things we love and less "other stuff." :)

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