Friday, January 1, 2010

My Wish For You

Happy New Year to you! May this be the year that dreams are made of for you and your family. May 2010 bring you good health, happiness and peace.

Normally, I am ready to slam the door shut on the old year...and even though it has been a terrible year in many respects....for me it has been a year of personal discovery. I have learned to live in the present and that has changed my life. I no longer fret over what has already happened and I no longer stress over what might or might not be.

I am enjoying each and every day for exactly what it is, and every day brings me a feeling of joy that I have never felt before. I wish the very same for you in 2010.

Even though we have never met, I consider you, my blog friends, to be some of my dearest. So many times I have written "Love You" at the end of my blog post, only to go back and remove it lest someone think I'm a wee bit "strange" telling people I don't even know that I love them....but in all honesty...I do love all of you. I love you for who you are and for the tears and laughter each of you have brought me this past year through your writing. For that, I thank you!

Here is to another whole year filled with love and laughter my friends! Happy New Year!



Lanyardlady said...

Happy New Year to you, my friend! Even though we have never met, I feel like we talk over the fence each day. Your blog is a daily inspiration to me; I've learned much from your intelligent, thoughtful approach to life. Here's to another year of laughs and tears and pet stories!

gayle said...

Here is to another Great Year!!

Cathryn said...

I'm with Lanyard Lady on this one--I feel like we talk over the fence! It's a great relationship and one I cherish.
May 2010 be full of good health, hope, and joy for you and your family!

aliceinparis said...

Love you too:)
Thanks for the happy wish for all of us.
Here's to a great year of fulfillment, discovery and peace:)

Oklahoma Granny said...

My blogging adventure began early in 2009 when someone introduced me to PW. I didn't miss a day of reading her blog and from there I was introduced to a few more. A few months later I decided to start my own blog and through that have met so many wonderful people who I know think of as friends. I'm so glad for all that because otherwise our paths would most likely never have crossed. Blessings to you in 2010!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Back at ya, honey! Here's to 2010 and good things and love!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Kathy, You wrote: "I have learned to live in the present and that has changed my life. I no longer fret over what has already happened and I no longer stress over what might or might not be."

When I started my blog in August, my profile read: "Grandkids have taught me to live in the moment." It changed my life, too.

And blogging has helped me appreciate it and incorporate it in new ways into my thinking. Meeting new people like you is more than just a hobby or "fun," it can really drive one's own development. I'm thinking you love your readers for who they are, AND for who you are as a result.

Sherry said...

Wishing you a year of good health, peace and amazing experiences, my cyberfriend.

Mary said...

lovely post and right back at ya ;-)

The Muse said...

i hope that this new year will allow me to know you better...but for now, i do indeed offer sincere best wishes...and love from these blogland shores!

Debbie said...

I hope you have a wonderful year as well.

Ms Sparrow said...

Isn't it great getting to know lots of wonderful bloggie friends?
It's like one big coffee klatsch every day. Even if we're 1000 miles apart, we share our lives.

Angela said...

Cheers to that!!! We love you too!!

Beth Anderson said...

Right back at ya love!
I truly share your sentiment. Thanks for sharing your life and friendship.
Here's to a wonderful 2010!

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