Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I don't make resolutions. I really never have. What I usually do is to make a with a purpose. I don't wait until December 31 to come up with a plan, I'm always thinking and planning.

Most people make resolutions like:

I am going to lose weight.
I am going to save money.
I am going to find a better job.
I am going to quit smoking.

If you asked those same people how they were going to do those things, most of them would shrug their shoulders and say they had no idea...and that is why resolutions don't always work.

Resolutions are nothing more than unguided goals, and unguided goals normally end up in the failure column. That is why I make plans. Plans work best if they have steps or mini goals within the plan or goal if you prefer.

One of my personal plans is to eat better. Without some kind of a would I start? How would I make that happen? How would I be successful?

I plan to eat better by creating a menu each week for my meals, buying the right foods to prepare those meals, preparing certain things in advance and packing as much of my lunch and snacks as I can the night before. I already started that this week.

One of my business plans is to keep better track of my etsy earnings and spending. I have already started the process. I am doing that by opening a separate checking account with debit cards for me and Irv, and a separate joint savings account for the business. Paypal money will go into my business checking or savings. Etsy expenses will come out of etsy earnings and not out of our personal accounts. All income and expenses will be recorded in a monthly ledger which will make taxes SO much easier!

Get the idea?

I don't know about you, but in order for me to have success, I have to have something to follow and I like it on paper.

I also plan to start exercising more. I am working on that plan right now. It goes hand-in-hand with another plan which is for ME to come first in my life. That means making the time to do yoga, pilates, weight lifting and walking. This is going to be a tough one for me, because I live for etsy and my workshop.....but in order to stay healthy and be able to enjoy what I do....I need this plan to be successful.

That means putting ME before etsy, my workshop, my blog, my e-mail and Facebook. Like I said, this is going to be a tough one, but I am of the mindset that I can do anything that I really want to do, so it will be fine. Plans can also be altered or fine-tuned...they aren't written in stone. If I find that I got in over my head, I can tone it down. If the plan was a snap, I can step it up a notch.

So, do you make resolutions? If so, do they work for you? If they do, what do you do to make that happen?

I know a lot of people wait for the New Year to change their attitude and their life...for me it's an ongoing process. I think it's important to go into every year, every month, every week and every day with a positive attitude and a feeling of hope. I try hard to do just that.


Lanyardlady said...

My plans are to be better organized, exercise more, cherish time with my family, and find the positive in each day. I also want to enjoy nature more and find peace in quiet walks or stargazing. Good luck with your plan. I know it will be successful!

Cathryn said...

What a wonderful post! It's reminiscent of my grandmother who used to tell me things like "Do your own homework--don't rely on others to tell you what is what."

She'd approve of your New Year's plans!

I plan to work more efficiently--we can all work harder but working efficiently means time management. I'm going to plan better.

Sonyman said...

I csnnot sgree more thsn you do, resolution sucks.unguided goals

Mary said...

i have done both--but i totally agree with you that resolutions without a plan may not work. i will say i have quit smoking and lost weight by making them resolutions, though, so they can work ;-)

this year my resolve (not a resolution ;-) is to create a plan in all areas of my life and then really break that plan down into doable tasks ;-) it's a lot of work so far but i'm pretty psyched about it ;-)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I make short term plans for long term change--and they're not always about self-improvement! More like "rules for living." Like "eat something green every day." And "no plastic bottled water."

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm with you. I need to see my plans on paper to make them happen. and I agree, putting yourself first is the key-- although I'm not very god at that.

Wishing you greatness and joy in 2010! It's been great getting to know you this past year.


Angela said...

Hi Kathy!

I am not sure if you have a PayPal debit card or not. It is really a great tool to have! My earnings go into my PayPal account. When I need supplies or need to mail something, I just use my PayPal debit card. That way you do not have to keep a record-PayPal does it for you! If you need to order supplies online it works like a credit card :) You should get one- it is the best!

Beth Anderson said...

stay on task Kathy - you're an inspiration!

gayle said...

Your ideas are great!!! I think I will do the same..Put me the idea about menus and packing lunch!!

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Any small steps we can take to do better for ourselves is always good! And if we look at them as small steps, building blocks, they aren't as daunting and will be more successful. Best of luck with your plans for the New Year!

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