Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Cards to Remember

When my kids were little, I always let them make our Christmas cards. I had them draw a beautiful picture and then we had the cards printed on red or green cardstock. We always put their name on the back to make it an "official" card. When they got a little older, they lost interest in creating our card. That's when I started purchasing them. For a long time it was Hallmark, and then I transitioned to the cute line of cards at Target. I never thought about making my own cards...until this year. I own a card shop! There is no way I am going to the store and buying cards this year.

I mentioned in a previous blog that I had selected one of my son's beautiful mountain photos and I am making our cards. They are turning out quite nice. I scanned one to show you. It's done on white cardstock, and I chose to use black photo corners to attach the photo. The picture itself is so gorgeous, that this way people can keep the picture and even frame it if they like.

While I was making my cards, I thought about how fun it would be to send my brother and sisters a special card this year. So, I started digging through my old photographs to find ones that would be special.

My sister Karen is a few years older than me. She lives in Tennessee. I see her a couple of times a year. I found a "very posed" picture of her and me that I am going to use for her card. I will write something about sisters and friendship and love and make it very personal. I just love her pants!!

My sister Kay is a few years younger than me. She lives in South Carolina and I see her every few years. I found a cute one of the two of us dressed in our little coats and hats. I'll write something very special for her as well.

My sister Ann, or Sis as we have always called her lives in Arizona. She and my brother Jack who lives in Georgia, are a bit older than my other two sisters and me. Their dad died when they were quite young. Mom remarried and had Karen, me and Kay. There is a 10 year gap between Sis and Jack and the three of us. Do I have you totally confused yet?

Anyway, in my digging for photos to use for cards for Sis and Jack, I came across a Christmas dinner photo from the early 50's. The photo was obviously taken by my dad, since he isn't in the picture. The only other person missing from this picture is my little sister Kay, and I am guessing that my mom was pregnant with her when this was taken. The picture has three of my grandparents in it, my grandma's "boyfriend", my mom, Karen, me, Sis, Jack and my brother Bob who died in an auto accident many, many years ago. I just love this photo! I plan to write something about family in their cards. I don't get to see either of them very often, so I want to make it very special.

I think I will get the pictures ordered and start thinking about what I want to write in all of them. Christmas is about family and the love we all share for one another. It's about traditions and special memories. I wonder what special memories we will be making this year....


Mary said...

wow! i thought i had a complicated history but yours is right there with it....two stepsisters on one side, one half brother and a stepsister on the other side, one full sister half brother is almost a whole generation younger than my sister and i and lives across the country!

Malissa said...

I love how thoughtful your cards are going to be. On a good year I manage to get some pics and a small note scribbled down in each one. In my defense between mine and my husbands family I write about 40 plus cards every year to people around the country. Yours will be like small presents in themselves.

aliceinparis said...

Those pictures are priceless. Love the one of you in front of the car. They will make precious cards and I am sure your sisters will treasure them.
Thanks so much for popping by and making a donation. They really need the help:)
Cheer, Shelagh

AngelaMichelle said...

What a wonderful idea! These are beautiful cards, & so much more so because they come with memories attached :)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I love all those photos and what a wonderful special card your family is going to get this year:):) They are indeed lucky to have you:)

uniquecommodities said...

I live in SC as well! Thanks for sharing your family memories and I am sure your siblings will be encouraged by the hand made cards! Happy Holidays!

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