Monday, December 1, 2008

It's Happened....Already

Well, I knew it would happen at some point, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. Unfortunately, it has. You see, I am already sick of my little "Trying To Get In Shape" plan. Yep, I am. I was really hoping I could be excited and entusiastic about it until my daughter's wedding in March, but oh no, not me. I hate having to do something every day. I hate the time it takes to do it. Sure, I know how important it is for everyone to exercise. I get all of that.....I just don't feel like doing it any more.

With that said....I will keep doing it. I made myself a promise and I plan to stick to it. It is really hard though. It was easier when the weather was nice. I would head out at 5:45 a.m. and walk the dog once around the neighborhood..briskly. Then after work I would alternate yoga and pilates. I do enjoy them both, and I can really feel myself getting stronger and more flexible. I just don't like having to sacrifice precious time right now to do it, and it's darn cold out there at 5:45 a.m.

Do you work out? If you do, what keeps you going? I have done this so many times. I get really excited and do really well for a short time and then I miss one day, and then another and then that's it. I'm done..until the next time I try again.

On Saturday I am headed into the city (Chicago) to spend the day with my daughter, looking for my dress for the wedding. I was trying to lose some of my belly before this outing. Even after all of the walking and working doesn't look any smaller to me. I even weighed myself last week and I haven't lost a single pound. I think that was what started this downward spiral. I thought I would have lost a pound or two. I am not overweight, but I am out of shape. I want to get in better shape, but just can't seem to find the one thing I need to get me to stick with it.

Well, tomorrow is another day. No matter how cold it is in the morning, I really need to walk. If I don't, it is hard to make the time to walk and workout when I get home knowing I have my etsy business to take care of.

So, if you have any really great ideas as to how on earth I can stay motivated until spring with this wonderful plan of mine....let me know. I'm going to need all the help I can get!
Actually, I feel a bit better just having written about this little problem I am having, but I am still open to suggestions. :)


Malissa said...

I was reading about your Christmas tree tradition. I'm 34 like your daughter and have great memories of picking out the perfect tree. Only ours was from one of those lots where they are already cut and I was in southern California. I really miss a real tree, this is year 3 for a fake one and it just doesn't feel the same. My hubby keeps talking me into putting it up. I am going to cut some greenery out of the cedars for a wreath outside so maybe that will make me feel better! I'd love to see your Charlie Brown tree!!!

Meekiyu said...

You can do it! I should exercise more but I get all my exercise by walking some 10 blocks to and from the school and the subway. I also opt to walking up stairs instead of the elevators. I'm mostly motivated to walk when I have some awesome pump me up music or you can put weights that hang on your feet and arms and work out as you do random chores... my friend's roommate did that...

It takes time to lose weight just don't go crazy. As for the weighing yourself it could be that the fat is being replaced by muscle which is heavier and denser then fat... so don't fret too much.

start a simple goal.. baby steps baby steps.. good luck! Don't give in!! =D

Ruth of Allover Art said...

I run every morning, but doing daily exercise is ingrained in me. I swam all my life and was a Division I college athlete. That being said I know lots of people who were athletes and are bums now, haha, so it's not that. What gets me to exercise every day is knowing that I have that time to myself where I can clear my head and relax. And I know that I always feel great afterwards. Hang in there! :)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I can relate:):) After many failed attempts, here is what works for me. The yoga is great, but it is more for the upper back and neck problem I have. So, I do half hour on the threadmill every morning (weekends are off:) I tried walking outside, but it is either too hot or too cold here in Florida - or so I say:)

Christy said...

Oh man, do we really have to talk about exersize? I was really hoping to get a few more slices of cheesecake and pumpkin pie in before I had to even think about getting healthy...again....for the one billionth time. :) Seriously though- I can identify with your angst. It's hard to keep it up in the winter, especially when it's naked polar bear butt cold. But you can do it! And so can I for that matter!

Now where did I put hide that last slice of pie? ;)

AngelaMichelle said...

I run into the same thing - when I'm working out, I do actually enjoy it. Trouble is, I forget that I like it when I'm not doing it. But I do know how I'll feel afterward, so brain must overule want. Unfortunately, doesn't always happen :)

Mary said...

don't you have a wedding coming up??? i have nothing but my mirror which i have suddenly found very easy to just walk by and never look in....not good! i need to re-motivate myself!

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