Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Journals and Photo Albums for Kids

I am one of those people that believes in letting your children try a lot of different "things" when they are young....so that in doing so...they will find their hidden talents. Tresa played the clarinet, she was in the marching band, she played softball and she swam. Michael and Matt tried every sport imaginable.

I encouraged reading from a very young age. We belonged to a variety of book clubs. In fact, I have boxes of kid's books just waiting for the day I have grandchildren coming to visit so I can read to them! My daughter was a fluent reader before she entered school. The boys.....they could take it or leave it at that time. They were too busy trying to juggle a soccer ball or hit a home run.

Since I was always doing some kind of crafts, we always had art supplies in the house. The kids always made me "special" things. I have some of the most elaborate Christmas decorations you would ever want to see. There is nothing better than a special gift made by little hands.

My kids are all grown up now, but many of the things they were exposed to as children are still very important in their lives today. Matt still plays soccer and softball, and gets his workout hiking and rock climbing. Tresa loves to run, works out and does yoga. Michael played soccer through college, and has recently taken up running. Matt does most of the photography for our shop, still draws and loves to write poetry. Tresa has been thinking about taking some art classes. She and Michael are both very good writers. All three kids still love to read.

Knowing how important it is to expose kids to art at a young age is what inspired me to create some children's journals and photo albums. You just never know where that next little talented artist or photographer might be hiding.

The journals I made have blank pages and heavy cardstock covers. There is a cute picture on the front of each journal and some of them are decorated with buttons and brads. The journals are held together with eyelets and ribbon, and each one comes with a pencil, an eraser and a sharpener. The journal and all the "goodies" come in a handmade cloth drawstring bag.

The photo albums are made from a purchased album. I recovered the album with cardstock and decorated it as well. Each album comes with a disposable camera for some great picture taking. The album and camera also come with a handmade cloth draw string bag.

My kids would have loved these when they were little. I can just picture them toting their little bags all over with them.

I have additional kid's journals and photo albums available in my etsy shop. I also have two beautiful lined journals for the non-kids that love to write!


Christy said...

Awesome journals! And hurray for you and your kids. Reading and physical activities were a big part of my bringing up as well. My Mom wouldn't let my brother and I spend too much time inside just watching the tv. We were outside using our imaginations building log cabins with old rotten tree limbs or playing basketball or something or another. Some great memories...and she made SURE we could both read well and confidently.

Mary said...

these are great!

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