Thursday, December 4, 2008

Eye Got A Problem!

I went to the eye doctor a couple of weeks ago, since I was way over due. I wear contact lenses except at night when I am watching t.v., then I throw on an old pair of glasses. My eyes had been starting to bother me, so I figured I better get in. Well, as it turned out, one eye had gotten better and one had gotten worse. No wonder I wasn't seeing very well.

I have "older" eyes, so needless to say, I can't see close up or far away and that means I need bifocals. The way contacts work for me is to wear one contact for close up in one eye and one contact for far away in the other. Oh, I also have an astigmatism (an odd shaped eyeball). Anyway, they stopped making the lens I was using for my astigmatism, so he gave me a different kind to try. I had not ordered glasses in a few years since I rarely wear them, so I ordered a pair of those too.

I started wearing the contacts the next day and for some reason, that right one didn't feel very good at all. I thought maybe I just wasn't use to the new prescription, so when they started to bother me, I just took them out. It started to get a bit annoying because I couldn't even get through the day without them irritating my eyes. I started getting headaches and that right eye felt terrible. The amount of time I could wear the contacts kept getting less and less until on Tuesday I actually took them out...while I was driving to work in the morning!

That afternoon I got a bad headache and actually felt sick. I decided I better call the eye doctor the next day and go back in. In the morning my head was pounding and my eye hurt. I called in sick at work and called the eye doctor as soon as they opened. They got me right in, and get this.....I am allergic to the new plastic in the lens he gave me....the one that everyone is using and just loves!!! Only I could be allergic to my contact lens!!

Well, he tried another pair and I couldn't even see the eye chart with those. He decided to go back to something similar to what I had been wearing originally. Woo hoo! I could see! They eye chart was crystal clear. I was so excited! He suggested I try the new pair for a few days. I drove home thrilled with the ability to read the street signs and the clarity of everything around me. Ah, success at last!

Well the success lasted until I got home and sat down at the was ONE BIG BLUR!!! I tried to tell myself that maybe my eyes were just tired and that if I gave them a little rest, they would be fine the next day.

This morning I popped those new little babies in again and headed to work. The drive in was wonderful! I could see for miles! That's a slight exaggeration, but that's how I felt. I got to the office and sat down at my the computer up and running and there it was again...the GREAT BIG BLUR!!! Out came the contacts yet again. I will give the eye doctor a call tomorrow and ask him if he has anything else up his sleeve that we might be able to try. Thank goodness he is such a nice guy.

The other problem is that since I NEVER EVER use my glasses for anything except t.v. I didn't get bifocals this time. So the glasses can't help me at my computer either.

So, I am back to square one.....we shall see what Mr. Eye Doctor has to say when I call him tomorrow. Allergic to my contacts.....go figure!


¤~∙3zArt∙~¤ said...

ugh I have so much eye doctor trouble myself! Luckily I haven't had an allergic reaction. Hope everything works out. And thanks for reminding me...I'm almost a year late for my eye doctor appointment..oops!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I have bad eyes too and used to wear contact lenses for years. These days (since I retired and became a fulltime artist) I only wear my glasses. The latest bifocals are great and frames are fun to shop for. Ahhh...the joys of growing old:):)

Meekiyu said...

O dang that is horrible with the switching and such of the contact lenses. It must be quite a hassle to keep driving back and forth to the eye doctor. I wear two pairs of glasses. Stronger ones for outdoor and a weaker one for seeing like books or computer screen up close... I'm wary of contact lenses... no sticking something into my eyes! =D

I hope you get it sorted out =O

Shaunna said...

Man does that suck! I'm so happ I don't have to worry about this stuff anymore. I got LASIK two years ago and life has been a breeze.... no more fumbling blindly for contacts and glasses (my prescription for each eye was -6 and -6.5, respectivly). I could only see shapes and colors before and now I'm 20/20 still :) yeay!

I really hope you can find some contacts that work!

Zarebski said...

I too have vision problem that's why using Acuvue cantact lens through on the prescription of doctor.

youreye said...

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