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Have you ever done any kind of "cleanse"? I know...there are as many different kinds of cleanses as there are people that want to do them. Some people swear by them and some say it's a bunch of unnecessary hogwash.

When I worked at the natural health office we started carrying a line of products by Isagenix. Isagenix has it's own cleansing program. The thought behind it is that toxins in our bodies become surrounded by fats that keep them in our body. They feel that with the proper theirs...that you can release those toxins from your body. This one also claimed to help you lose weight.

This wasn't a colon cleanse where you poop your brains and everything else out of your system, although it did have different affects on different people that used it.

Over the course of about 18 months, I did that cleanse three times. I would get a headache for a few days due to the sugar withdrawal and then slowly I would start to feel pretty darn good. This cleanse was very little food and mostly nutritious shakes and their little snacks. I liked all of it, but not eating is torture for me and each time I did it, I couldn't wait to be done. I always swore that I would not go back to eating the crap when I was done...and each time I did. Not right away, but eventually.

I have a friend that does a lot of cleanses and does juicing cleanses and stuff. Just not sure I can pass on the real food anymore....but I'm thinking about it. Just have to find one that I can tolerate.

What made me start thinking about cleanses was the fact that Matt, my son out in Colorado, is going to do his second cleanse. Matt chooses to do this Master Cleanse that I don't think I could ever do....and you do poop your brains and a lot of other stuff out during this one. thank you.

Matt's cleanse bothers me because all it is is lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper....oh and you drink a laxative tea! I think I would not only be pooping my brains out, but I don't think I could even drink something like that. I also think I would get weak and sick from lack of anything remotely close to nutrition.

The last time Matt did this cleanse, after the first couple of crabby and sick feeling days, he actually felt awesome. He said his head felt so clear and his body felt amazing. So, today is day one for Matt of his 10 day cleanse. He said he just felt it was time and he loved the way it made him feel last time.

Mommy told him if he would stop putting toxins into his body, he wouldn't have to keep cleansing them out. His immediate retort was that you get toxins from the air and water and food as well as other things you might choose to put into your body. Of course, I know that, but I love to tease him. He's such a charming little target.

Sometimes I think if we would just eat better and exercise and really not put toxins in, the toxins that we "accidentally" get in our air and water wouldn't be so harmful.

So, have you ever done a cleanse? If so, what one and what were you trying to achieve?

Good luck Matti! Drop me a line and let me know how you are doing tonight. I love you!


Angela said...

I have heard of that syrup and pepper one! From the last "diet" I learned that I really can't function without food. I am taking your suggestion and trying fish, veggies, chicken, and brown rice. No bread no sweet soft drinks.

I have to admit, I did feel better after the 3rd day but I felt pretty lousy up until then.

aliceinparis said...

I've known a lot of folk who've done the "master cleanse" and some have felt great and others awful. I don't know. It seems very unnatural to me and puts a lot of stress on your body in general. We weren't designed to poop non stop until weird stuff comes out. That happens with intestinal bugs and illness. Our bowels are supposed to have a ton of flora and interesting and helpful bacteria. Really what we should be doing is eating small wholesome meals with little fat and no processed foods. Lighten the load on our livers and digestive systems. I don't know, detoxes don't seem to make that much of a difference in the big picture. It is what you do 80% of the time that counts. Not the occasional flush. Anyway.... that's my take:)


I have done the Master Cleanse.
After the first few days of struggle it does get easier, and easier, and I thought I would never go back to food again. I did. I went to a Nutritionist AFTER, who told me I could have done damage to my digestive track; so be aware.

I am now doing Jim Humble's MMS ( Miracle Mineral Solution) which is a parasite cleanse. We all harbor parasites. They show up in the meat, and the other things we ingest, the problem is when they just won't leave. There is no starvation, just some drops in water and an activator ...but, it tastes like someone pissed in an over chlorinated pool, and I got first dibs! Yuck.
I do have a few new foods on my blog that help with detoxing our organs by adding rather that subtracting. As long as everything that goes in...also comes out, we are good to go.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I've never done a cleanse, but I have done detoxification, which eliminates toxins by filling the body with natural fiber (I.e. spinach and kale breakfast shakes followed by fruit salad lunches and then a whole grain pasta or rice meal) After the breakout and headaches from caffeine and refined sugar withdrawal, I felt great.

I'm medication dependent so, no food=a whole lotta CRAZY! :) Good luck Matti.

Lanyardlady said...

interesting read. wasn't too familiar with the topic!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

No, haven't done any cleansing so far. Though I have had several friends who are currently on a cleansing program. My philosophy, everything in moderation:):) The only thing I eat to help out my system is Danon Activia:):) Looking forward to finding out how Matt does with all that cleansing:)

matt said...

Well, I enjoy reading all these comments and the different takes on cleanses. I am sitting drinking my laxative tea and watching t.v. feeling pretty good after day one. Today was up and down and the hunger came in waves. Despite that I managed to go climbing for an hour and a half and found myself having enough energy. Although today was pizza day and two students brought in brownies and cupcakes, I managed to make it through one of the hardest days of the cleanse.
I have heard mixed reviews of this cleanse, but having done it once already and having spoke to many others who have done it, I feel very comfortable knowing that I won't have food for a while. Not only is it a cleanse, but a display of will power and self-discipline.
Our bodies are amazing and can accomodate varying environments. Many people think they would pass out without food, but your body makes up for the lack of nutrients and finds energy in other places.
I read a lot and talk to people who say it is not natural to not eat, but when you think about it, what do we do anymore these days that is natural. You could argue, in an exessive degree, that wearing shoes is not natural.
We have evolved from people who lived in certain regions where only certain foods grow. Some might argue that where you live, or where your ancestors lived, determines what you should eat. Should someone who lives in the northern United States eat bananas, because those are not even close to natural for that environment. I know it sounds weird, but there is some logic behind it. Either way it is food for thought, no pun intended.
Anyway, I know that in 26 years my mind and body have never felt better than when I was in the later parts of the cleanse last time I did it.

Kathy said...

Great points Matt and it does all make total sense. Have a great Day 2. I love you.

Sherry said...

Like others, I read some people feel great, others don't. I did read a very interesting article by Dr. Oz about the stress a cleanse puts on the body, not to mention the removal of healthy bacteria.

I would never do it. As Alice says we should be taking care of our bodies. I think cleanses are un natural and have nothing to do with self discipline.

matt said...

Of course we should take care of our bodies. i eat organic when I can and exercise all the time, however, I think many people are unaware of the toxins that come in the food you buy. Take bananas for instance. When I was in Costa Rica, every place you went had a blue plastic bags around the bananas. What was in the bag? Synthetic chemicals and steroids. Now is that natural? I don't think so. How do we get that stuff out of our bodies? Cleanses. Think about the gunk that gets built up in your colon and intestines that never comes out. That is hindering your body from working to its fullest potential. What happens if you don't wash your face? Your pores get clogged and pimples form. Washing your face is a type of cleanse....cleansing is natural! just a few more cents to add :)

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