Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

I have always had a cat. In fact, for many, many years Irv and I had three cats...Abby, Spooky and Boo. Two of the cats weren't actually ours. Abby, the calico in the first picture was ours. She was already very sick when this picture was taken, but she was a sweet girl. Spooky, the black cat, belonged to Matt when he still lived at home. Tresa and Matt searched all over the county for a kitten to give Matt as a gift. He was going through some tough emotion times and they thought a kitten would help. It did. He loved her dearly. Then he left for college and she stayed.

When Tresa a a first year teacher a little girl brought this tiny little flea infested kitten to school and said that her mama said not to bring it home because she would kill it. Tresa called and asked if she could bring it to our house until she found a home for it.....uh, you know how that goes. So, we had three cats. Boo is the cute little calico in the last picture. She was so cute.

Over the course of about two years, all three of our kitties died, and we have been "catless" for about 8 months now. Just looking at their pictures brings back such awesome memories. I sure did love my kitties.

Every time I see a cat now I get that urge to run out and get a kitten. They are just so darn cute and so much fun. They have to be one of the funniest little creatures there are. You can't help but laugh when you watch their antics. The Air Jordan like leaps, the tail chasing, the ability to dribble their much fun. They climb up and cuddle and just purr so loud. There is something very calming about them when they are like that.

Then I quickly remind myself of that other side of kitty ownership....the scratching of furniture, the litter box cleaning, the dogs making a meal out of what's in the litter box if they get to it before you do, the cat food dishes on the counter because certain dogs in this house LOVE cat food of any kind, the inability to leave a plate of food on the counter for even one second without a cat licking it or dragging the food off the plate and onto the counter to feast on it, the way they have to lay on the kitchen table when the sun comes through the window leaving hair everywhere and last but not least.....hairballs!

Tomorrow morning we are headed into the city to visit Tresa and Chris AND Casey their new little kitten! I know the urge to get a kitten is going to be more than I can handle when I leave there tomorrow....but I guess I can always come back and read paragraph #5 of this post over and over and over again.


Lanyardlady said...

Good luck resisting the urge! Kitties are sweet, even if they grow into cats like my Velvet!

Angela said...

I have never had a kitten! I am a dog person and Aubrey is a dog and cat person. He had a cat a couple of years ago but it lived with him at the fire station. He was kind of the firehouse cat. Then, it was time for Aubrey's vacation. He said that "Gotto" looked at him and he know he wouldn't be there when he got back. He wasn't. Poor Gotto we don't know what happened to him.

matt said...

I love cats and had one for about four years named Haley, after Haley's comet. When I went looking at the humane society, she had just gotten out of surgery and was the only cat in there that wasn't reaching through the bars of its cage crying. I chose her without holding her or seeing her face. She had the best personality ever. I could take her in the car with my dog Luna, and if I stayed somewhere let her out and she would always come back. She was an indoor/outdoor cat and had a routine of going in and out of the house. I moved a lot and she always adjusted to the different places. Unfortunately one day, she didn't come back and I found her next to the road by my house. I used to tell myself that I shouldn't have let her outside, but she was the kind of cat that didn't belong inside. She was a roamer and a lover of the outdoors, and I couldn't take that away from her.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I have had cats all my life and cannot imagine a day without one. Mine are always indoor cats, I don't want them outside where they can get hurt. I've had dogs but I must confess I much prefer cats. I love their independence and stong wills..

Cathy Winsby said...

I feel for you...I too get the urge to get a kitty again. I'm lucky (unlucky?) that I developed allergies to cats long before our last kitty passed away. It's much easier for me to say no now since all I have to do is remember the constant sneezing and itchy eyes.

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