Monday, June 1, 2009

Do you?

I do. If you do iron...what do you iron? I iron most of my clothes, although I am a master at the "Open, grab, shut and hang" technique. You have to be quick with the dryer still running....just open it up and before it stops, you grab one article of clothing, slam it shut so it keeps running and hang the item up....then you do it again, and again, until the dryer is empty! Works beautifully and makes for less ironing.

My old boss sent all of her laundry out so she never had to iron anything. My mother-in-law use to iron just about everything including her cotton bras. My grandma use to "sprinkle" the clothes with water, roll them in tight little "tubes" , put them in the laundry basket and then go iron them while they were damp.The summer after my freshman year of high school I was a "Mother's Helper". I was hired to watch the kids, but ended up being the maid as well. I ironed my little heart out that summer. That lady ironed everything, including sheets and pillowcases.

Since I started making pillows for MyOtherShop and now the aprons...I've been ironing a lot, but this is fun ironing. I like ironing nice flat things that don't have sleeves or lumpy pockets or cuffs.

I had to buy a new iron this weekend and man I hate to spend my money on stuff like that, but the old one didn't get hot enough, didn't steam properly and leaked occasionally. I spent $30 for one that was on sale and let me tell you...this thing is so shiny and slippery that one of these days it's going to flying right off the ironing board!

So, do you?


Jemjoop said...

Hi Kath! Your garden sounds wonderful. You really have to admire people that can grow things from seeds. It's not so easy!

I do not iron. Specifically buying garments that don't require ironing. But even non ironers still have to iron sometimes. Usually for special occasions like a fancy dinner or a wedding when things have to be pristine.

Lanyardlady said...

I iron my husband's dress shirts. Everything else is the the grab and hang technique, just like you! My husband keeps saying he needs to learn to iron....but somehow that's never happened :)

Catherine said...

I iron my fabrics before sewing, my blouses and once in a while linens that need it. When I was a kid I had to iron my grandfather`s work clothes, boxer shorts and tee shirts, sheets, pillowcases, cotton dish towels and hankies. My grandmother thought ironing was an essential skill and in a way she was right. However I will never iron underwear again!

Patricia said...

We live by the iron in our house. My husband even irons the napkins!
Thanks for coming on board at my blog. Happy June.

Angela said...

Only if it looks like I have been sleeping in my clothes...I figure I am going to get spaghetti sauce or ketchup or something on them by the end of the day anyway.

But, I always iron if I am going somewhere besides work.

Mailed the fabric today and I am too excited!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Seldom do I ever iron, it isn't one of my favorite things. I am however a master folder, lessening the need for too much ironing.

Mary said...

I totally relate to this post and grandmothers with damp tubes of clothes and linens ;-)

I was the official family ironer once I got old enough--from about 10 on and every morning until I graduated from high school I ironed my mother's outfit for the day and had to present it for inspection before leaving for school.

One afternoon a week I did the family ironing and it took hours. When my grandmother came she did all the ironing but as she got older I felt guilty so took over the big linens as well...

Now I almost never iron and I'm pretty sure my kids don't know what one looks like!

KayzKreationz said...

I do iron some, but only when I have to. And it's always mine, my DH or my son's clothes, shirts, etc. I remember ironing the sheets and pillowcases for my mom when I was young, and I swore then I WOULDN'T iron when I was grown up. LOL Oh well. But when I'm sewing or making something it can be fun.

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