Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Got Summer Plans?

So, what kind of plans do you have for summer? Anything exciting? Going on vacation? Taking any little trips? Making any home improvements? Are you moving this summer?

I have summer on the brain right now. I work for a school district and everyone is so excited that the school year is coming to an end and summer break is just around the corner....everyone except for us in the District Office. We are 12 month employees, so there is no summer break for us. To be honest with you...I'm just happy to have a job right now, and summer is a little different in our office. We get to work summer hours and we get to wear shorts, tees and flip flops if we want...so it's nice.
We will be going on vacation this summer thanks to our tax refund...otherwise we would be going nowhere. We head to Telluride, Colorado the end of this month and I am so excited. It will be fun to see Matt and spend some time in the awesome mountains...even though they scare the heck out of me!

Beyond that, Irv will spend his summer working in the yard and on his wonderful garden, and I will be in my workshop. We hope to do a couple of craft shows, so that will be fun. I might drag my bicycle out and start riding a bit, and maybe we'll rent kayaks on the Fox River again. That's a lot of fun.

My living room and all of my doors and trim could use a fresh coat of paint and the bedroom I redid last year ended up being one of those, "what was I thinking" things and really needs to be redone....again.

I would like to go visit some of the conservation areas around our county. They are beautiful and each so different. It's nice just to walk around them. This photo is from our conservation district's website. So pretty.
If I do even a fraction of all of that, it will be an awesome and productive summer! How about you? Got summer plans?


Angela said...

We took a cruise last summer and really blew it out...so this year we have to stick around home. I am really tempted to go buy an above ground pool though. I just think it would be nice to come home and cool off with a dip in the pool after work everyday. I talked to Aub about it and I might go price one tonight.

Lanyardlady said...

We'll slog through the hot, humid summer here and maybe do some inside home improvement projects. Our vacation will come in late September, our favorite time to go to the coast. It's still warm enough to walk, go in the water, and enjoy sitting outside, but the crowds are gone. I sit on the deck from sunset to midnight and watch the stars come out, one by one. Can't wait!

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

I will probably be helping my sister move into her own place, so that means a trip to Escondido, CA. Beyond that, I hope to get down to Sarasota, FL, which I know seems counter-intuitive (Florida in the summer?!) but I'm always happy at the water, regardless of the heat!

Your plans sound delightful....visiting adult children is a nice payoff for years of parenting! ; )

Meekiyu said...

sounds like you got your summer chock full of fun things. I'm going to be interning most of the summer. Going back and forth between NYC and NJ and my yearly trip to Baltimore. =D

staying on the east coast here.

Mary said...

i live on cape cod so summer is our very busy season. it's also lots of fun and very festive and i love it. i look forward to it every year. as a kid i couldn't wait because our winters were so quiet and we had to wait for summer for things to open back up! mostly i'll work but my work is outdoors doing art and nature things with families. i know, a tough job but as they say, someone has to do it and i raised my hand first ;-)

we may travel to canada in september but we get a new puppy in 2 days and much of our summer will be spent playing with and training him! woohoo! bring on summer!

sorry, i got a little enthused there, but you did ask ;-)

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