Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is Irv's and my 37th wedding anniversary. My oh my...where does the time go? We were 20 years old when we got married. Much too young by today's standards, but pretty common back then. Like most couples that have been married as long as we have, we have definitely had our ups and downs, but through it all...we have grown and our love has grown.

I remember at our 25th anniversary party, one of our younger neighbors asked us how we had stayed married so long. I told him it was because we could never afford a divorce!

There have been times when I would have gladly sent Irv "to the moon" and I'm sure there have been more times when he would have liked to have shipped me off somewhere....anywhere, but as the years go by, we grow more and more comfortable, and find it easier to overlook the other's imperfections. Things that would drive us crazy years ago, we don't even bat an eye at these days. I like to look at marriage as an adventure....always a new challenge....always changing.

So, our hair keeps getting grayer, our wrinkles are getting wrinkles, the pounds gather in not so flattering places, we have become very attached to our routines, we go to bed ridiculously early, we often forget things we use to remember, we rarely remember that we already told that story the day before, we sometimes move a little slower, but we are together. It's funny to think that we have been together since we were kids, and I truly can't think of anyone I would rather share this adventure called "marriage" with.

Happy Anniversary Irv!


Lanyardlady said...

So sweet, Kathy! In this age of a "throwaway" society, you and Irv have my respect and admiration for your lifelong commitment to each other.

Waterstone Jewelry said...

Ah what a wonderful post - and inspiring too! We're working on 23.
Happy Anniversary!

Catherine said...

Happy Anniversary! The last paragraph in your post very much describes us as well. We celebrated our 37th in March. Hurray for you and Irv!

Meekiyu said...

awww so sweet... I wish one day to find that someone to share the wondering marriage adventure too! =D

Angela said...

That is so sweet! Congratulations you two love birds!

aliceinparis said...

Happy Anniversary! You were a June bride:) I bet those 37 years went by in a flash!

Mary said...

Happy Anniversay and what a sweet post ;-)

I think we could all send a few spouses "to the moon" or get sent ourselves. (When my hubby and I were first together we watched endless Honeymooner reruns and I bought the first season for him this Christmas, which has been a lot of fun.)

We'll hit 30 years in July--and for those of us who hang in there we all know it isn't just about the wine and roses but sometimes whines and runny noses!

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Kathy, I am late, but Happy Anniversary. Been busy lately and have not been checking blogs daily like I used to:):) Hope you and Irv had a wonderful day. You both look wonderful and marriage is indeed a journey:)

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