Thursday, June 4, 2009

Moving Right Along

The aprons are coming along and as soon as I find a willing model I will get 3 of them into my shop. I'm hoping Tresa or Bernadette might cooperate. :)

It's really going well. I did run into some issues with one of the patterns I bought. It just didn't look the way I wanted it to look. It's okay, but I think I'm going to combine parts of one pattern with parts of another to come out with an apron I really like. This first one is a longer apron that uses a "D" ring for the neck strap. I like that style, but didn't like working with this pattern.

My first craft show/vendor apron will be done tonight and it is so cute. I used that watermelon fabric I showed you last weekend.

There are just so many things I want to do right now, but no where close to the amount of time I need to do them all. I really need to get my head out of the "hurry up" mode so I can relax and really enjoy what I'm doing. I got like this before and it really takes the fun out of my business.

I love this little peachy apron. The pattern was wonderful and I love the look. It's a tie neck and little shorter style.

So, starting today....I am going to slow down a bit. There really is no reason to rush to get these things in my shop. When they get there....they get there. Right? I think it is just the excitement that takes over when I find something I really enjoy making, and sewing seems to be my thing right now. Who knows what it will be next month. I can't seem to do any one thing for very long as you can tell my looking at MyOtherShop.

This sunflower one is the same pattern as the peachy one. It's so bright and sunny! If I wore an apron, this would be mine!!

I am just having so much fun with all of this. If you create and sell your work, do you love it so much that it's all you want to do, or do you follow a schedule of some sort? Me, I get home and say hi to Irv and I can't wait to get started. Maybe when I try to slow down today....I'll be able to sit for a couple of minutes to chat about our days before I run off to the workshop....but probably not. I can hear it calling my name before I even pull in the driveway! "Kathy, Kathy, get in here quick. Look how much fun we are going to have tonight. See all the pretty colors and prints. Hurry up, get in here and let's play!!!"

HAHA! Have a great day everyone!


Tess said...

I love that sunflowert apron, it goes right along with me bein a Kansan. I think all of them are really pretty. I'll have to visit your etsy shop, I have one too. Oh, I found you through the artful penpal blog, I joined too.

Mary said...

these are so wonderful! you almost make me wish i wore an apron....;-)

Angela said...

I hate when my room is calling my name and I can't seem to get in there. This is what happened to me today. But, I have everything all lined up for tomorrow night - Aubrey is playing at a party and I will be alone with my scissors and glue! I know that wouldn't sound like a fun Friday night to most people...but I can't wait!

Beth Jaffe thequeenofcups said...

Love those aprons! I used to always wear one, now I try hard to stay out of the kitchen. But it might be fun to wear one while I'm creating in my studio!
Happy day to you!

aliceinparis said...

They are so bright and cheerful.I think they will be a big hit:)

whyte said...

I love these Kathy! I bought 2 apron patterns and fabric last summer and never did a thing with them. I think aprons are back in vogue, so you should do well with them in your shop!

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