Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun Day At The Old Ball Park

Even though the Cubbies lost today (to those nasty yucky White Sox) I had a wonderful day. Irv and I hopped the train this morning in Cary and Bernadette and Michael hopped on two towns later, in Barrington. Tresa picked us up at the station and we made a quick stop at her condo to see Casey the kitten and it was on to the game. Chris had to work part of the day so he met us there.

Here is the old fashion score board. There are a couple of people inside of it and they put up the numbers by hand!

This is the announcer's booth section at Wrigley. I love Ron Santo and Pat Hughes that do the radio announcing for the Cubs. Ron played for the Cubs in the 60's and I was at the game a few years ago when they retired his Number 10. It was so awesome.

I love walking up the steps to Wrigley Field. When you hit that top step and can see the beautiful green grass and the awesome ivy covered walls and that old fashion score takes your breath away. Then there is the food at the old ball park. There's nothing better. The nachos are so good. That is Tresa's favorite part of the whole day!

Bern heard about this giant pretzel that they have now, so she had to get one. Five of us actually shared this thing and it was like eating a loaf of bread with great stuff to dip it in! It was well worth the $15 it cost! Mmmmmm!

Today's game was a bit different because there were almost as many icky Sox fans at my park as there were Cub fans....and I really don't care for the White Sox or their fans very much. There was a lot of banter during the game and the fact that we were losing the entire time made it a little hard to take. The more drunk people got, the worse the comments got. I don't care much for public drunkeness either, but everyone around us managed to behave thank goodness.

I loved the guy's shirt that was sitting in front of us. It was so funny. His friend sitting next to him was a Sox fan, so that made it even funnier!

This is Michael and Bernadette, the happy new home owners. I might get to see the house tomorrow. They will close next month on it.

This is Tresa and Chris, the condo living city kids. They love living in Chicago and everything the city has to offer.

This is us!

We usually only make it to one game a year, but when we do go, it's always a fun experience.

Have a wonderful evening!


Beth Anderson said...

Sounds and looks like it was a great, fun day!
You need to come to Phila and try a Philly soft pretzel. Can't believe that cost $15!

Kathy said...

The regular hot pretzels were about $3.50 so $15 for that was a pretty good deal! HAHA!

Angela said...

That looks really fun. I have never done anything like that. Aubrey wants to hop on a train and go to New Orleans for our vacation...I suggested Chicago...we will see. Probably just stay at home. It is so strange to see you guys in jackets because it is so friggin HOT here. The pictures are so cute too. Glad you had a great time.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

What a great day! That is a HUGE pretzel:):) All of you look wonderful, nothing like an outing with people you love:):)

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

I love going to the local ballpark, too! Always enjoy the games, even though the Nats are doing HORRIBLE! Of course, my favorite part is the goofy president's race....oh, and singing!

Jemjoop said...

Oh how fun, good for you guys. That pretzel looks really good. The good thing about a baseball game is that even when they lose it was still a good time out with people you enjoy.

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