Friday, June 19, 2009

A Very Close Call

I was so happy to get off work at noon today. We started summer hours this week, so Fridays are short days for us. It's awesome. I was headed home just enjoying the fact that I would have a great afternoon to work on another apron when out of nowhere.......there was a big deer right in front of my car!!! I swerved to the left and then back to the right and missed her as she ran across the road.

I have to tell you that was the closest I have EVER come to hitting a deer and my chest was in knots for a couple hours after. I drive a lot of back roads to and from work and one road in particular has a lot of deer. Usually, they are standing at the side of the road and you can see them and slow down. You never know if they are going to wait, or start walking across the street. I'm always very cautious in the early morning and then on the way home. Noon is not a normal time to see deer so I was really caught off guard. Not only that she wasn't standing on the side of the road waiting like a good little deer....she was flying and I never saw her come out of the trees.

It was very, very frightening. It was like one second I was driving along and then the next second this huge deer was just there.

I drove the rest of the way feeling very lucky for me, my new little car and the gorgeous deer. It was a close call and now I know that even at noon on Fridays to keep my eyes open for those beautiful creatures that I love so much.

I didn't have time to snap a photo :) so the picture is compliments of Wikipedia. Have a wonderful evening everyone.


Lanyardlady said...

How scary! We have tons of deer in our neighborhood even though we are right in the city, so we are always on the lookout. But they do appear of out of nowhere. Thank goodness you are safe, the deer is safe, and the car is undamaged. Did you ever name it, by the way?

Mary said...

so glad you're ok!

aliceinparis said...

So scary!!
Glad you both escaped unscathed.
Deer are a problem here in Nova Scotia too. Especially since near the urban areas they are losing their forest.

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