Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's Go Snowboarding

I had planned to write about something else today, but when Matt sent me this photo and told me he was going to snowboard today, I had to change gears. This is the middle of June and there is still snow at the higher elevations out in Colorado. He actually did a little snowboarding yesterday, but today they are going to snowboard this.

I immediately get nervous because this isn't the ski resort. This is just out somewhere in the wilderness. Although the threat of avalanches is very, very small, I find the look of this mountain to be quite ominous. They saw this on their way back from snowboarding yesterday and went in to investigate. They found a way to get to it and decided that today they will venture on in.

He tells me it's no different than any other rock climbing he does, except they are taking ice picks, and if you are going to climb up the mountain for hours, then why would you climb back down when it's much faster to hop on your snowboard and glide on down?

I told him it looked really steep and he said that's just the way the picture looks. I asked him about him falling off a cliff and he laughed.

I know that Matt is very cautious snowboarding and he did say that if it didn't look safe when they got up there that they certainly woldn't go.

I have been in my worried mommy mode all day today and I am just waiting to hear his sweet little voice or see those texted words.....we're back.


Lanyardlady said...

Oh wow, it is ominous looking isn't it? Matt is an experienced outdoorsman and he will take care of himself! But as a mommy I know how you feel waiting for that message...

Waterstone Jewelry said...

Oh geez! Guys! What the heck are they thinking??? In all reality, you know he'll be fine. Take a deep breath and know that.

Golly, it was, like, 95 here in Atlanta today. I'm wishing for a little of that snow right now! ;o)

Take care!

Jemjoop said...

Don't you love those days. They may get bigger and bigger but you still worry just the same. Glad he was fine in the end.

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