Thursday, September 3, 2009

Missing Dog

When the vet gave Irv the pills for Wrigley's new allergies last week, he said, "She is going to drink a lot of water and need to urinate a lot. Don't get upset because she is going to have some accidents."

I think what he should have said is, "Your dog is going to drink a lot and she is going to have to pee every 15 minutes. Don't get upset because she is going to pee all over your house day and night. She is also going to walk around like a zombie. You won't even recognize your own dog because she will be gone, and in her place will be this blob with glassy eyes that just sleeps or lays on the couch with her eyes open, but not really seeing anything....but she won't be scratching anymore."

I have had dogs and cats my entire life...not one of them has ever had to be on medication for anything....and it's pretty safe to say that unless my pets have some life threatening disease, they will never be on medication again.

I had no idea that dog meds would have the same kind of side affects that human drugs have. Wrigley was just so out of it. It broke our hearts. There was no tail wagging, no happiness, no barking, no playing with Sparky, no following us around the house, no bugging me when I did my yoga, no pushing the bathroom door open when Irv was combing his hair in the morning...nothing....our dog was GONE.

Irv called the vet Tuesday and asked him about it. The vet said those are the side affects of the drug, and if she wasn't scratching anymore to take her off the one pill, but to leave her on the antibiotic. He said to save the rest of the pills in case it starts up again.

Well, the pills will be properly disposed of, and I will be searching for a natural solution to Wrigley's allergies if they return. She will never be on meds like that again.

Irv didn't give her the pill Tuesday and I got up yesterday morning to Wrigley barking to play with Sparky and a cold nose in my ear when I was doing my yoga! Welcome back Wrigley!!

Anyone have a natural solution they would like to share?


Angela said...

Aw That is such a sweet post! They do have such charming/annoying personalities, don't they?

When Todd lived in our house he always woke us with a nuzzle to the back of our necks...very annoying but I kinda missed it when he moved outdoors.

I am glad you got Wrigley back and I will let you know if I hear of any natural solutions.

Oh...and the "Possible new job" post was yesterday...but I blogged again late last it was easy to miss :)

Jessica C. said...

There should be a shot option that doesn't zombify your dog. My aunt's Heinz 57 has to have an allergy shot once a month, and beyond the little redness around the puncture point, you can't tell she had it. Ask your vet if Wrigley starts itching again. There are other meds out there.

Oklahoma Granny said...

Poor Wrigley. I'm glad she's back to her old self. Thanks for posting your experience. It's good to know in case our dogs ever develop an allergy problem.

Meekiyu said...

wow those meds must have been pretty powerful... =/ glad Wrigley is back. As for natural remedies for dogs.. not too keen on that.. hopefully u will find one that doesn't cause all that stuff. =/

Lanyardlady said...

oh, poor doggie! i would have been right there with you stopping those meds. our dog has a problem with dry skin and scratches a lot. once every couple of days i put a small amount of olive oil on a towel and rub her down. she seems to love it and her coat glistens.

aliceinparis said...

Poor Wrigley.It must have been heartbreaking to see him like that. I have no idea about allergies. change his food? I'm sure there MUST be other solutions out there.

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