Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I stopped at Starbucks the other morning and ordered my usual "tall, non-fat, no water, extra hot chai latte." The drive through is usually staffed with female 20 somethings and today was no exception. When I got to the window to pay, I handed the girl three singles, one quarter and two pennies. That would be $3.27 for my $3.22 drink.

Now I'm not sure if she just wasn't awake or if she had not had enough coffee yet, but she stood there staring at that money in her hand for the longest time.

I didn't give her any foreign coins or bogus bills...just $3.27.

She seemed quite perplexed as to why I gave her those two extra pennies, but eventually she entered the amount into the register and then very slowly took the nickel out of the machine and turned to hand it to me....still looking terribly confused.

Then I asked her for a stopper (that is a long green plastic stick you put into the little sippy drink hole in your cup so it doesn't splash all over the place). She handed me one....holding the part that goes right in my drink!

Being the germophobe that I am, I wanted to say, "Now could you hand me another one, but without the cooties this time," but I didn't because I am a nice, very patient person and I figured the hot drink would kill the cooties any way.

Hopefully my little barista just wasn't awake yet!


Jessica C. said...

I want to be optimistic and say "yes, she was probably still slightly asleep and perked up a little later," however, after handing a dude at Taco Bell a $20 and 2 pennies then having to tell him that I get a $5 and 3 $1s back, I seriously doubt she was asleep.

Angela said...

That is so funny! We got a new girl at work and she is just like that!

I told her it doesn't matter if they give you a billion dollars...just put it into the register and it will tell you what to give them back. You don't even HAVE to think.

Some of these young workers really scare me. They are lazy and consumed with texting.

Oklahoma Granny said...

When my kids were growing up we would play "store" with play money so I could teach them how to count change back. And I was an ogre mom who wouldn't let them use their calculators until AFTER their homework was done and then they could check their calculations. I have this irrational fear that someday all the techy electronics are going to go haywire and no one will know how to function.

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