Monday, November 16, 2009

Making Progress

First, the back update....I saw the chiro today. We have decided that I will have three treatments this week and maybe next week if necessary. It seems to be a disc issue and no one can "fix" a disc. It has to fix itself. I don't do drugs, so seeing an MD that will only prescribed muscle relaxers is a waste of his and my time. The chiro will keep my spine in line, he will do a treatment to take some of the pressure off the disc and do e-stim which helps with the discomfort. Discs take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to heal....and mine will heal all by itself. :)

Yesterday, I accompanied Irv to IKEA to pick up two chairs for our "new" living room. They were very inexpensive little things, but cute and will look great. The sad thing was that I could only do a little walking, so we sat in the chairs to be sure we liked them, picked up some drapes we wanted, picked up the chairs, paid, loaded it all up and left. I didn't get to look at anything. :( What a bummer.

I love the little chairs because the covers can be removed and washed....just what you need when you have a Sparky, a Wrigley and a Maggie.

Now I am looking for a funky little round table to put in between the chairs and a fun lamp of some kind. I also want to make a footstool to go with them. Just a rectangular one with legs or casters and covered with some cute fabric.....another winter project. We aren't exactly sure how we are going to arrange the furniture, but once the TV stand is done, we will figure it out.

The little toy chest turned coffee table is almost done. We want to spray the top with a matte sealer to protect it a little bit and then the hinges can go back on and it's good to go. Here is what it looked like before.

Here is what it looks like now! It's so darn cute. I just love it!

What did you think of Amazing Race last night? I was bummed. I really liked the dad and son team. I really want Miss America to take a hike! Next week will be intense before the finale!

Well, I have a bunch of new pins, coasters and wine bags to get listed tonight if I can sit long enough. Have a great evening and I will chat with you tomorrow!


Lanyardlady said...

Gosh those are cute chairs. They look great with the green paint. Be good to your back!

Matty said...

Glad you're feeling better. I got a loveseat from Ikea that looks like your chairs. Same color and texture.

Angela said...

The chairs are really cute. I got a round pedestal table at Target for about $80- so you might want to look there.

I am glad you are feeling a bit better- but I hope your back hurries and heals itself.

DUTA said...

About the back, it's worth investing in a small accupuncture device sold at health stores; it worked for me and I own only a relative simple one; there are more sophisticated ones.
Get better soon!

Cathryn said...

I like washable furniture! The yellow toy chest looks stupendous!

Glad you are feeling better and hope each day brings more relief!

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