Thursday, December 3, 2009

Surprise Unveiled

The wait is over....I am about to show you what I made for my living room!!!! First though, here is the cute little table I bought to put my record player on. I found it at that same little shop where I got the other table and lamp. We still need to move furniture around, so I'm not sure where it is going to go, but I think it will work.

Remember when Irv took our big TV cabinet and cut it apart with a saw to make a smaller TV here to see the "before" picture. Well, here it is cut down and painted with new handles. Irv had to put a little mat under the TV for now so it doesn't stick to the new paint, but isn't it awesome?

Okay....I've made you wait long enough. Here is the surprise project.....

Tick! Tock! I made a clock!! (Hope you weren't expecting something really exciting)

I saw these clocks in a magazine and I couldn't wait to try making one. I bought the awesome fabric at IKEA and Irv made the frame. In the magazine they used a framed art canvas....but I will only do that if I can get them on sale. Irv can make them cheaper. I ordered the clock parts online and we just finished putting it together last night! I just love it!

Unfortunately, it was already dark when I took the pictures, so I had to use a flash, but you get the idea.

I looked on etsy and there are some similar clocks, but not too many. That either means that they aren't big sellers, or no one wants to make them. HAHA!

What do you think? Should I make some for FourDogDay? If so, what colors, sizes and shapes do you think might be good? Any suggestions?


Cathryn said...

I love that little table for the stereo and the "new" TV stand! Great job you two! I think it's absolutely fabulous how you reused these materials!

Love the clock! That's really cute!

Lanyardlady said...

The clock is fantastic! You are so creative. I think some bright bold colors and geometric prints would make great clocks. And YES! Definitely put some in your shop.

Angela said...

I think the clock is very cool!! I would say use some Amy Butler (or similar fabric choices)-I love your IKEA fabric, too- People on Etsy are C-R-A-Z-Y over Amy Butler.

I vote yes for putting them in the shop as well!

Nancy said...

That is such a cool clock! Yea, I'd say make some to sell. I think they'd be a hit!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

That clock is AWESOME-totally sell them in your shop!

I love your redos too, way to live sustainably.

Joanna Jenkins said...


First I thought the surprise was the tv stand you made. Then I saw the clock! YOU ROCK. Both are fantastic!



So smart!
You need to list those clocks.

Go check out the knitted clocks at for $300+

Bagman and Butler said...

Yes make more! Thank you for revealing the surprise. I love it.

Matty said...

You are quite talented. I would make a few and see if they sell.

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