Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finding Inner Peace

Like I said last night, I usually try to get out of my workshop by about 9:30 each evening. I sit in bed and work on a Sudoku puzzle, make a to do list for the next day and usually have the news on. I watch WGN if it's before 10:00, or I put on our local ABC station if it's already 10:00. After the 10:00 news is Nightline on ABC, and try very hard to stay awake to watch it. It usually touches on something of importance from that day and then a couple of other stories of interest.

Last night they had a segment on Eckhart Tolle. Now, I had never heard of Eckhart Tolle before, but in 10 minutes of hearing about him and listening to him, I am ready to go out and buy a couple of his books.

Eckhart was born in Germany and attended the Universities of London and Cambridge. He is an author and a much sought after public speaker. His book, "The Power of Now" was a #1 NewYork Times Best Seller and was followed up by, "A New Earth". The books are considered two of the most influential spiritual books of our time.

So, why I have never heard of this man or his books? Have you?

The idea behind his teachings are that we can find inner peace and greater fulfillment in our lives by ridding ourselves of our ego-based state of consciousness. I am all for inner peace. Right now I could just use some peace. In fact, the second book, "A New Earth" is about how we can end conflict and suffering throughout the world.

Seriously, this man really grabbed my attention and I loved what he had to say. His writing is not without controversy because it does talk religion and any time you talk any kind of religion, you are going to tick off someone.

I think I am going to go online tonight and order both books. He has really peaked my interest and I have been looking for something to read.

Let me know if you have ever head of Eckhart Tolle, or read any of his books. I am curious what you think.


Beth Jaffe said...

I've never heard of him, but if he can help you gather your life together or find inspiration - go for it! Touching words are often hard to find and it sounds like you've found something good here!

Mulchandmore said...

Yes, I've heard him mentioned on Oprah's show a while ago, but haven't read the book yet. Let us know how you like them.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I am a big Eckhart Tolle fan. In fact, I wrote about it on one of my blog posts:) You will love his books!

Tins and Treasures said...

Yes, Oprah and Eckhart had an on-line class last year. Each week a different chapter, discussion, worksheets, etc. It was great...I wonder if you could still access it on her website? Take care, Natalie

Waterstone Jewelry said...

I heard of him through Oprah. Events in my life have been a bit off-kilter, so I'd forgotten the book. Maybe I'll give it a go as well.

Let us know what you think as you read it. I'd be really interested to hear.

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Haven't heard of him, but I could use some uplifting, inspiring words. I will see if my library has his books!


Seriously...? why have you Not heard about Eckhart Tolle?

Last year, Oprah hosted a (6 week?) online discussion group after reading the book. Stay present.

I had just joined a local Tolle book/discussion group myself, prior to Oprah's proclamation announcement. That put an interesting spin on our tiny group that evolved and morphed in odd ways after that. The quiet geniuses were eventually replaced by the much louder and less enlightened egos; so I went home.
Thanks for the reminder, I need to get back to the quiet discussion within; now. Stay in the "Now".

Kathy said...

I ordered my books and can't wait to get them. Kala...your blog post on Eckhart was great! I don't watch Oprah. I appreciate some of the wonderful things she does, but it's just another talk show....besides, I'm at work when it's on. I will let you know how the books are when I start reading!

Mayte said...
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Mayte said...


Eckhart Tolle is impacting the lives of millions around the globe and I’ve heard from him through my own work for the exploration of inner peace. When talking about silence and stillness as a way conducive to inner peace, I like what he says and would like to share it with you. Eckhart speaks of the value of paying attention to the gap between two thoughts, “The brief, silent space between words in a conversation, between the note of a piano or flute, or the gap between the in-breath and out-breath.”

Peace is the sole and only source of happiness!

Mayte Picco-Kline
Author of Wholeness in Living

Hector LLoret said...

I am from Spain,and Ekhart tolle and his books have changed my life.I really recommend it.

Good luck!

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