Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ping! Beep!

Normally by this time of the evening I am getting ready to "close up shop". Not tonight though...I just finished listing a couple of my new light switch plates and a really cute wood bunny in MyOtherShop. I really don't like some of the pictures so I will be redoing them, but for now they will have to do. My computer was doing not so nice things tonight so listing took forever.

Well, today was a crazy day. I was at work and the e-mails were flying fast and furious with wedding this and wedding that. It seems that the Conrad and the Allerton are out and we all got rooms at the amazing Drake Hotel for $95 a night. That beats the $195 a night we were paying at the Conrad! That was the first flurry of activity.

Then Matt sent out an e-mail to the five of us to fill us in on what he has been up to.

Now once someone sends a mass e-mail like that, my computer starting going "ping, ping, ping" because everyone that received the e-mail has to respond and of course they "reply all" so we all get their response. Mind you that I am at work when all of this pinging is happening. Add that pinging the work pings and it starts to sound like a little orchestra.

I try not to send too many personal e-mails when I am at work, but with the wedding only a couple of weeks away there seems to be a bit more lately.

Next I sent my sister a text to let her know that we got a great rate at the Drake in case she wanted to change hotels. Now in addition to the pinging computer signaling my incoming e-mails, my phone starts beeping to let me know I have a text, and then another and another as my sister tries to decide if she should change hotels.

Ping, beep, ping, beep....I finally put my phone on "meeting" mode so it would stop pinging, and by the afternoon the e-mails settled down to just an occasional e-mail from the lovely little bride to be. Could I print their vows on some white cardstock, do I still have the address labels in my computer, do I know if my niece's girls are coming to the wedding yet......

I am having so much fun with all of this! Ping! Beep! Talk to you tomorrow!


Jacaranda Designs said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! Getting married in two weeks, that is very exciting...I wish you all the best!

Kathy said...

Sorry, I always forget that everyone doesn't read my blog every day. To avoid confusion I will try to be more specific about things like WHO is getting married. It isn't me! It's my daughter Tresa.I've been married 36 years. :)

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Some people might be stressed out over all the back-and-forth and details.....good for you for having fun with it!

Jemjoop said...

Ping! Your treats came yesterday in the post. Everything even more wonderful in person, thanks again.
Isn't the Drake a fancy Oprah-guest hotel? woo hoo
L-o-v-e the new switchplate covers and sweet bunny.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

Light switch covers..what a perfect idea for your decopauge! I bet those sell well..they are so cute!

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