Saturday, February 28, 2009

What To Do When Doubt Creeps In

I am on a mailing list for a newsletter called "Simple Truths". Simple Truths is a publishing company that puts out neat little inspirational videos and books that can be used in the corporate world or in your personal life. I've purchased a couple of their books and they were wonderful. The videos, that you can watch on line are awesome too.

I got the newsletter the other day and it was titled, "What To Do When Doubt Creeps In." It talked about the Dreamer and the Doubter. The Dreamer who is always just so gung ho and excited, and the doubter who has his long list of concerns and issues.

You can be on a roll, living your dream when suddenly you get stuck. You start procrastinating and that leads to worry. Why am I doing this? I can't be successful at this. What was I thinking?

When that happens, the Doubter in you has taken over. If you allow the Doubter to take up residence in your head, he will sabotage your dreams. It isn't that you shouldn't listen to the Doubter, because he is a close relative of the Realist.

The Realist has valuable information you need in order to prepare for any obstacles that might pop up as you work toward or live your dream. Try not to see the Doubter/Realist as the enemy. Use his wisdom, learn from him and move on.

Another thing, share your dreams with others. You never know who might be listening and even able to help you take that next step or circumvent that nasty bump in the road.

If you are cruising along, working toward your dream and you run into a person that is a Doubter...if you don't have control over your own doubts....that person will suck your dream right out of you. If you have already addressed your own doubts and you have handled them, then that person's doubts will only deepen your commitment and reinforce your belief in your own dream.

So, face your doubts, handle those that truly require handling and then move on and take that next step toward making your dream a reality.


rachellucie said...

very inspiring, thanks for sharing!

The Lone Beader said...

Very true! At some point during every piece I make, doubt creeps in!

Mulchandmore said...

Thanks, I try to be realistically positive, wasn't sure if that is contradictory?

Meekiyu said...

That's a great post... I doubt quite a lot in what I do but there's always something I don't doubt is my love and skill for my art and crafts. Somewhere between those two I manage to do fine... lolol

Angie's Design Shop said...

Great post!!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wonderful post and a lot to think about. There do seems to be some people who always doubtful or are negative. It's so much beter to dwell on possibilities!


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