Monday, March 23, 2009

Boing! Spring Has Sprung

Ah, the first weekend of spring! Wasn't it marvelous? I know the calendar said so, and Mr. Robin Redbreast said so and my little crocuses said so.....

but I don't rely on them to tell me it's Spring. I rely on Irv! When he digs out his trusty old blue work-in-the-yard shorts....I KNOW it's Spring!

Remember these old beat up candle holders I bought at the resale shop? One was broken and they were a mess?

It took a bit of work from handy Mr. Irv to repair the one, but he did and this is what I turned them into!

I also finished the photo album was working on, and got it in the mail to Matt out in Telluride. It's full of pictures of things I sell in FourDogDay and MyOtherShop. He's going to put it in the teacher's lounge at his school for a week or so. I included business cards and some 15% off coupons in the back of it. I'm hoping it will inspire the teachers to go in my shops and take a look around. We shall see.

There is an awesome juried craft fair in a town near me in May. It's called Fair Diddley. I haven't done any kind of show for a zillion years and I have never done a juried show. The deadline has already passed, but I spoke to a lady on the phone today and she said they usually have some cancellations and to send my application and photos in. I put everything together already and I'll mail it out tomorrow. I've been to the fair a number of times and I know my stuff "fits"...whether they find it "worthy" is another story. I hope so....I would really like to have this one be my first show. It's on "the Square" of a cute little town called Woodstock, and is well visited with free admission. I'll keep you posted.

I'm in the hunt for other craft fairs for this Spring and do you find them? Do I have to just search the internet or is there an easier way? Do you do a lot of shows? How do you like it? Fill me in on the scoop!


Meekiyu said...

It's still freezing here... brrr... glad you're all warm and Spring has hit you guys. Hope you get into the craft fair sounds like a good one to attend! I sometimes search on google for craft fairs but now I joined a local team the NewNew and we generally tell each other of craft fairs coming up or advice. I find it awesome. Also great new items... wish I had space to do some fixing around here. =D

Lanyardlady said...

Thank goodness for spring! Irv has the right idea. I enjoyed the slideshow from the wedding.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Spring still hasn't sprung here...just wind and rain. But in the Pacific Northwest you never know what kind of weather you will's always a wait and see.

Angela said...

Before my mom passed away, we did a ton of shows! I haven't done one since because I couldn't imagine going without her. But, I have been thinking of getting my feet wet again and just putting myself out there!

I really hope you get to do the show and sell out early!

sherry said...

Love the crocuses, it really must be spring, now.

I think there are sites that give craft show info. Just ask on the fora.

aliceinparis said...

Tell Irv to come to Nova Scotia wearing his shorts. We need to give Spring a little push:)

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