Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rice Crunch-ems Made Of Gold

Irv and I always grocery shop at the same store and we always shop on Sunday morning. This morning we were up and out of here early. We stopped for our weekly bagel and headed to the store. I knew looking at my list that it was going to be an "over budget" shopping week. I needed toothpaste (and I use Tom's at $4.39 a tube), face lotion (Kiss My Face at $9.29 a bottle), laundry soap (Ecos brand at $7.49 a bottle), potty paper (a new one that just came out by bleach or bad stuff for $7.29 for 12 rolls) and Irv was out of animal body parts....oh, sorry....meat, plus I needed my organic frozen fruit and eggs plus all of the usual stuff. I estimated $140-$150.

I got to the register and I always "help" the checker by pushing the items to the front of the cart for her/him and moving our cold stuff from the little kiddie seat down to the cart so they don't have to reach.

She was just finishing up and I glanced at the monitor to see what the damages said a whopping $187.30!!! Now, I know I left Irv for a little while, and he often sneaks little things into the cart when I'm not looking....but not things that cost that much! I immediately said, "Uh, there is no way our bill is that much." The girl looked at me as though I was some kind of alien from another planet. "What?" she said. I said, "I knew our bill would be a little higher this week, but not that high."

She hit a key on the register, printed out my receipt, tore it off and started looking at it. She turned it toward me and my eyes immediately went to an item that had too many digits. "Ugh, what's that?" I asked pointing to the item. She turned the receipt more toward me and there it was......Health Valley Rice Crunch-ems....$33.79!!!

"Gee, that would be my box of cereal," I said laughing. The girl wasn't laughing, but started to rummage through my bags for the box of cereal. I found it and handed it to her.
The girl scanned it again and sure enough...$33.79!!

I wonder if any unobservant, in-a-hurry shopper actually paid $33.79 for that cereal and didn't realize it! Ouch!

Still looking a bit dumbfounded, she removed the charges and rang up the right charge. She still didn't smile or say, "Oh, I'm so sorry that we almost overcharged you by $30.25!" I thanked her and took my new receipt and my cart full of groceries, went right over to the little bench and sat down to go over my receipt. I usually do that on drive home, but under the circumstances I thought I would check it before leaving. All was well, so off I went on my merry way.

The real bill was still higher than I had estimated, and normally I would be really upset that we spent that I was happy that my bill really wasn't $187.30!


Almost Precious said...

So glad you spoke up about the high cost of your purchase and that the mistake was overcharge of that amount is no small thing ! Too bad the checker didn't bother to offer an apology, know the fault wasn't hers but still she is representing the store in which she works and it's usually customary to offer a pleasant apology on behalf of the store.

Lanyardlady said...

It's a good thing you are observant. Many people would have paid the ridiculous price unknowingly. I shopped at a local craft store once and when the cashier totalled my bill it was over $300. After I nearly fainted we reviewed my purchases and she had keyed in an item at four for $300 instead of four for $3. She admitted her error but never apologized. I seldom shop there any more.


Funny> yesterday my husband went to the local Mexican super market, and paid with a $20. for is $18+ bill. The receipt printed out that his change due was $1800+ !

He told the cashier.."I still want my change"...the change on the receipt.

No luck' So much for trying.
Always keep an eye on your cash.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I watch the registers like a hawk if I can and often find wrong prices come up. Once I was being charged $8 for a five pound bag of potatoes!

If I were you I would have asked to speak to the manager -- he or she might have been more thankful to you and maybe would have offered the cereal to you for free fro pointing out the wrong price.

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