Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Addictive "Habit"

(I know I have touched on this topic before, but I need to get it out in the open today. It will give me strength!)

"Do you want to get Starbucks?" Tresa asked.
"What's Starbucks?"
"You've never been to Starbucks?" she said giving me the...are you kidding me look.
"No. What is it?"
"It's a really great coffee place."
"I don't like coffee."
"You will like this," she assured me.

That is how my addiction to Starbucks started. "You will like this", was an understatement. Frappuccinos are like dessert in a plastic cup! They don't even taste like coffee. They taste like heaven!

My addiction though is their Chai Latte. The taste is indescribably delicious. I was going to say orgasmic, but that might be a little much and I don't want to scare away any of my faithful followers, so let's just say the taste is utterly delightful! :)

I started out pulling into the drive through at the Starbucks on my way to work and treating myself to a Grande (medium), non-fat, extra hot Chai Latte every Friday. Such a great way to wind up the work I thought.

Then one bitterly cold Monday morning I thought how nice it would be to feel that sweet spicy liquid as it slid down my throat and warmed my little tummy. Sounds innocent enough doesn't it?

Then one Friday, I thought how much my little tummy would like an egg and cheese croissant from Dunkin' Donuts to go with the sweet spicy chai latte from Starbucks.

Then one Wednesday, I thought..."Oh just this one time I'll do a Wednesday Starbucks stop. I deserve it. Then I decided that I deserved it every Wednesday. When I hit that three times a week mark, I did downsize to a tall...which for those of you that don't go to Starbucks is really a small. I was starting to feel some guilt over the carbs and the money I was spending.

I don't even remember how Tuesday started, but I think that's how it is with an addiction. It just kinds of creeps up and grabs you in the behind! Then last week.....oh, last week....I stopped all five days. That's when I knew it was time to "Just Say No!"

I can't tell you what Starbucks puts in their drinks, but I do know it is something like liquid nicotine...because once you start, you just can't stop.

I am so bad that the night before a Starbucks day, I actually get a rush. "Oh, yeah....tomorrow is a Starbucks day!"

I'm going to allow myself two per week, and then hopefully go down to only one per week. So, on Monday this week I stopped and got a tall Chai. Then yesterday as I was coming down the road that Starbucks is on, I thought that if I feel tempted I will move into the left lane so there is no chance of a sudden right turn. You would have been so proud of me! I stayed strong and breezed right on past, but I did inhale deeply and tried to imagine the aroma of my chai. Ahhhh.....

Today I breezed right by and didn't even take the deep breath. Now I already have my plan for the rest of the week. We are having a breakfast at work on Friday and I know I will be eating coffee cake and a that would not be a good day for Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. So.....I am having them TOMORROW and I can't wait!!!

What's your addiction???


Angela said...

We do not have a Starbucks or a Dunkin' Donuts! So, I guess I am safe. Last summer I got addicted to Java Chillers from Sonic. I gained a bunch of weight over the summer. So, I stopped cold turkey.

I guess my addictions are chocolate and the internet!

Lanyardlady said...

Must have a Starbucks frappucino mocha each workday morning or I'm very, very cranky! With my lack of will power, I"m just glad I never started smoking!

Cathy Winsby said...

I used to have a Tim Horton's addiction but had to give that body was protesting!

I quit smoking 3 years ago.

Don't really drink since I feel ill if I do.

But......anything sweet in the house and I'm in trouble. Chocolate doesn't last long around here. Not even chocolate chips. Love icecream, jello, cake, fudge, get the idea! :)

Kala Pohl Studio said...

I don't have a sweet tooth, but I do love a Starbuck's Frapucino:) When I was working full time, I had a Starbucks Latte every morning. But these days, I have to dress up to go get it - which has really been a life saver:):) Otherwise I will be definitely a 5-day Starbucks person:)

CountryDreaming said...

Me, I prefer Tim Horton's coffee and donut shop occasionally. It's a Canadian chain that also exists in Western New York where my parents live, as well as in a little town in Southeast Ohio where I attend church while on vacation. Best thing to order? Iced cappucino supreme ... either mint flavored, raspberry, or butterscotch. More a dessert than a coffee.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I envy all of you that can go to Starbucks or any other coffe place. I use to drink so much coffee in a day that finally one day I got sick..caffeine poisoning. Now I can't have anything with that lovely cafeine in it..I'm not a morning person as it is but without the caffeine I have real problems...Oh well such is life in the fast lane I guess..

Waterstone Jewelry said...

LOL I feel your pain! My son has a Starbucks addiction. I have a Barnes & Noble addiction. Anything can be justified, can't it?

aliceinparis said...

I'm a Chai girl too but only as a special treat:)
Start putting the money you would have spent on a Starbucks treat into a jar and see how fast it adds up...:):)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My biggest addiction is sushi! I'd go out once a week for it, if I could. We found a place that is a one low price "all you can eat" --and it's so good! It's such an

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